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202 open tickets in the Upgrade/Install component

202 open tickets defect (bug) enhancement feature request task (blessed)
40 25 1 1
5.4 3 3 0 0
Awaiting Review 57 26 5 0
Future Release 18 18 2 2
WordPress.org 0 0 0 1

202 open tickets. Last 7 days: +6 tickets

33 tickets that have no replies

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  • #28300  Two issues in the code for auto-uploading to subfolders
  • #28845  Better error messages when uploading theme as plugin and vice versa administration
  • #32652  Use `ignore_user_abort()` to avoid some update failures
  • #34649  Support for filtering constants and .htaccess message in network setup multisite
  • #34986  Add Upgrade Notice for Themes
  • #35707  On installation page, autocompleted password should not be visible.
  • #37130  Auto-download language packs when installing manually
  • #39364  Introduce a trigger to handle a custom queue job and run them javascript administration
  • #39459  Database upgrade is triggered on AJAX request
  • #40006  $response var in comments not an array but an object docs
  • #40094  Fatal error during update WordPress
  • #40326  One Click Install Problems with WordPress 4.7.3
  • #41241  questioning for sftp-hostname while update does not accept final slash ui
  • #42307  Installing WP in Subfolders and https Issue
  • #42448  Add 'upgrader_pre_unpack' hook
  • #44032  Use random_bytes() for generating keys and salts
  • #44418  fs_unavailable while auto-updating plugins
  • #44546  Missing function description. docs
  • #44629  UI Add scrollbars for webkit on Update Plugins ui
  • #44804  pretty_permalinks capability may not be detected correctly during a fresh install on a server without mod_rewrite
  • #45519  updates count differs on public area and in admin area
  • #46292  Bump `set_time_limit()` at the start of the update process, instead of mid-way.
  • #46331  WordPress 5.1 prevents "add new main page" navabar menu function AND continues to demand 5.1 Update
  • #46911  iframe in update-core.php ui administration
  • #46924  Automatic theme and plugin update filters not working in WordPress 5.1.1
  • #47389  Display warning message on the Updates screen when a VCS is in use
  • #47452  WordPress taking time to login and throwing time-out error on upgrading administration multisite performance
  • #48364  (Needs confirmation) When updating plugins, WordPress won't update any new plugin updates that are found ui administration
  • #48527  Wrong upgrade notification administration
  • #48570  incorrect return type for check_parent_theme_filter docs
  • #48576  chmod(): Operation not permitted on WP v5.3 update.
  • #48586  Problems updating to WordPress 5.3.
  • #48610  Fatal Error during upgrade (upgrade.php) caused by theme unavailability

6 tickets slated for 5.4

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  • #34676  Optimize bulk plugin updates performance
  • #36455  Call opcache_reset() after plug-in, theme or core update
  • #42923  Docs: Add new phpDocs to upgrade/install classes docs administration
  • #47963  Readme file: consider to remove reference to WordPress 2.7 docs
  • #48520  Remove parsing of readme.txt files from `validate_plugin_requirements()` administration
  • #48570  incorrect return type for check_parent_theme_filter docs

202 open tickets

Open bugs: 118. View list on Trac

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