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137 open tickets in the Widgets component

137 open tickets defect (bug) enhancement feature request
4.9.7 1 0 0
5.0 11 1 0
Awaiting Review 35 39 3
Future Release 18 25 4

137 open tickets. Last 7 days: +1 ticket

6 tickets that have no replies

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  • #38031  Allow modifying args for the_widget ui
  • #41493  Allow users to add widget to multiple widget areas from Widgets Area Chooser administration
  • #42549  Widgets: Allow gallery widget to display images from currently-queried singular post if no images selected
  • #43198  Error saving widgets with html code – ModSecurity active – in some host services
  • #43657  Custom HTML widget editor content not updating after save javascript administration
  • #44098  Widget classes when custom widget class is namespaced

12 tickets slated for 5.0

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  • #40662  Archive widget doesn't show the selected month name in the frontend widget itself ui accessibility javascript
  • #40677  Widgets page is not accessible for keyboard users accessibility javascript
  • #41876  Add inline help to Custom HTML widget accessibility
  • #42351  Customizer: Text widget loses Visual tab data when moved from one widget area to another
  • #42461  Drop sanitize_text_field() for widget titles in forms administration
  • #42549  Widgets: Allow gallery widget to display images from currently-queried singular post if no images selected
  • #42998  Custom HTML Widget uses widget_text twice in markup
  • #43137  Media widgets: Improve the image and gallery previews accessibility accessibility
  • #43139  Gallery widget preview incorrectly updated after one image gets deleted javascript
  • #43280  Add rel="noopener" to target="_blank" links by default in image widget
  • #43448  Document $wp_registered_sidebars global in wp_map_sidebars_widgets() docs
  • #43815  Text Widget: Warnings thrown when using invalid HTML in legacy mode

137 open tickets

Open bugs: 65. View list on Trac

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