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This component focuses on the functions get_option(), get_metadata(), and get_transient(), their related CRUD functions, and their multisite variants. These functions are found in wp-includes/option.php and wp-includes/meta.php. (WP_Meta_Query development takes place in the Query component.)

Ongoing post metadata work

There is an ongoing effort to improve our post metadata APIs. This work may also touch metadata for other objects (users, comments), settings, and such. Our Office Hours are on Mondays @ 1800 UTC in the public Gitter wordpress-metadata/metadata-ui-api. For more, see our blog posts and our GitHub repository. (Updated August 2014)

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108 open tickets in the Options, Meta APIs component

108 open tickets defect (bug) enhancement feature request
14 19 1
Awaiting Review 28 21 4
Future Release 8 10 0
5.5 0 2 1

108 open tickets. Last 7 days: +1 ticket

26 tickets that have no replies

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  • #23616  General Handler for Whitelisted Options' Submissions
  • #37349  Allow sanitize_meta() to filter the meta_value regardless of meta_key
  • #37579  Inconsistent names for `update_(network_)option` actions
  • #38690  Introduce classes for settings
  • #38896  avatar_settings help text may not be accurate if avatar_defaults is filtered administration
  • #39286  Standardizing actions and filters for adding, getting, setting, updating, and deleting options and transients
  • #39706  Add $unique param to add_{$meta_type}_meta actions
  • #40012  Only add_metadata if no matching value
  • #40115  Duplicate Custom Fields are created
  • #40369  Mail server settings page (options-writing.php) has no validation
  • #40642  Add new filter to populate_options
  • #41105  Fire action hook after updating option group.
  • #41604  REST API: Attempting to create or update a non-existent setting doesn't return an error response rest-api
  • #41769  Custom function to display all values of a custom field (meta_key)
  • #42012  Do not switch roles and capabilities when accessing options through `*_blog_option()` multisite
  • #42441  Disable autoload for large options performance
  • #43069  Docs: improve documentation for register_meta() function docs
  • #43209  REST API should take settings errors into account rest-api
  • #43818  Invalidate query caches less aggressively by using a `last_changed` key specific to metadata multisite performance
  • #44977  Transient fill fail delete to itself if it's timeout option is missing
  • #45273  get_postmeta: Inconsistent behavior of the 'single'-argument
  • #45505  get_post_custom() doesn't pull values
  • #47166  When option gmt_offset is blank, wordpress will give a 500 error
  • #48478  Allow omitting meta keys from the REST API response if they do not exist rest-api
  • #48573  Permalinks Settings screen unnecessarily calls sanitize_option( 'permalink_structure' )… administration
  • #48855  Updating transient to remove expiration fails

3 tickets slated for 5.5

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  • #37245  New action hook for register_setting administration
  • #43941  Add default value to register meta rest-api
  • #49566  Change comment on `update_blog_option` to properly describe the return value docs

108 open tickets

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