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Shortcodes are small bits of WordPress magic that can be used within posts and pages to add dynamic content such as image galleries, media players, and stylized photo captions.  Documentation of these features is located at Shortcode API.  Visit the #feature-shortcode channel on Slack to get involved in the latest developments.

Current and Future Projects

A roadmap is under construction for 4.4 and future Milestones. Current objectives are to create Multiple Enclosures for more flexibility with HTML in shortcodes, create conversion functions for old-style shortcodes that need to be updated, and define future restrictions on HTML in shortcodes and shortcodes in HTML.

Meetings are scheduled as-needed for the Shortcode API.

Shortcake is a major feature-as-plugin project that aims to supply a user-friendly interface for adding a shortcode to a post, and viewing and editing it from within the content editor.

Meetings are every Monday for the Shortcake feature.

See the latest posts and tickets below for more details.

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38 open tickets defect (bug) enhancement feature request
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  • #34559  get_post_galleries does not return the galleries properly
  • #34814  Presence of "Less than sign" < adds additional closing shortcode tag.
  • #35179  playlist shortcode needs an option to not loop javascript
  • #35545  Unexpected behavior of wp.shortcode.regexp
  • #36958  extending has_shortcode to allow searching in custom fields
  • #40958  force_balance_tags breaks Ninjaforms and probably other plugins that output html within js. ui administration
  • #41086  Conditional loading of CSS files from (for example) shortcodes
  • #43456  `wp_html_split` <script>
  • #43457  `wp_html_split` valid HTML attributes issues
  • #43725  Multiple instances of opening / closing shortcode only works when closing tag is provided
  • #45929  Potential assignment to empty string
  • #47984  Filter pre_do_shortcode

38 open tickets

Open bugs: 26. View list on Trac

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