Press This meeting notes 2/5

Huge discussion today! Lots of work to get done in the next week!


  • Install process
    • Boomarklet and direct link install methods (currently impossible on tools)
    • May end up creating page to test this
  • Other methods of getting to PT (url tricks)
  • Mobile flows
  • Quick post flow versus repost flows
  • Post formats
  • User testing
    • Questions that need answering
      • Is this an improvement over the current PT?
      • Will a user miss post format, tags, or categories if not present?
      • Will they feel compelled to use them if present?
      • Is taking a photo on mobile required?
      • Can a user find and add an image from a scraped site?
        • How quickly?
      • How quickly can a user add an image?
        • multiple images?
      • Is this efficient to use on mobile?

To do


We’ve refined a few of the features. We decided to let the user choose an image or video to add rather than guessing. It also freed up a little space. 🙂 More bugs have been squashed. We’ve updated to the correct WP logo among other things.

A few people have asked about functionality gained versus functionality lost in the current plugin, so let’s start there.


  • improved media scraping
  • oEmbed
  • responsive design


  • post formats
  • categories
  • tags
  • most of the WYSIWYG buttons (by design)
  • code editor (by design)

The big question facing us is whether we should add Post Formats, Categories, and Tags for the initial merge at the risk of missing the 4.2 deadline. Now, it is still possible to set those by clicking/tapping the “Save Draft” button on the bottom, which saves the draft and redirects you into the full WP editor and all the meta boxes.



RC2 and release dry run

Various issues which came up over the weekend have meant that we’ve decided to delay the release of 4.1 by another 24 hours. The new target release date is Wednesday 17th December. It doesn’t serve anybody well to delay things this late in the day, but it’s essential to ensure the late fixes which have landed in the last few days are well tested.

RC2 will be packaged within the next few hours, once the recent batch of fixes in trunk are merged into the 4.1 branch. Here’s the current list of open tickets in the 4.1 milestone.

We’ll try to fit in a release dry-run meeting today at 17:00 GMT (December 16 2014 17:00 UTC) in #core, depending on the availability of the lead devs.

#4-1, #dry-run

Release candidate status meeting

Just a quick reminder that there will be a meeting in #core today December 14 2014 20:00 UTC to discuss new tickets that have been reported against RC1 and any other issues from the forums, etc.

Drop a comment here if there’s anything specific to RC1 that you think needs discussing.


Release candidate and today’s dev meeting agenda

4.1 was originally due for release today, but a few tickets in the 4.1 milestone have held things up a little. The release candidate will be tagged in time for today’s dev meeting at December 10 2014 21:00 UTC, and the target release date is now Monday, December 15th Tuesday December 16th.

Here’s the agenda for today’s dev meeting:

  • Documentation from various make/core posts need to go into the plugin handbook and theme handbook.
  • The 4.1 page on the Codex is in progress.
  • Eyes on the support forums – the alpha/beta forum has seen almost no activity so we need eyes on the forums as a whole.
  • ‘About’ page design – @melchoyce, kelly, @helen #30435
  • Plugin developers – update your plugin’s readme files to indicate support for 4.1 once RC1 is released. You’ve tested all your plugins with the beta, yeah?
  • Looking for something to do? Tickets reported against trunk needs some continued triaging.
  • Status of plugin directory l10n and recommended plugins tab. @stephdau @tellyworth
  • Discuss status of l10ns for polyglots.
  • Discuss a status update meeting type thing on Sunday.
  • Discuss release plan. @nacin
  • Any other business.

#4-1, #agenda

Agenda for today’s dev chat in #core Slack…

Agenda for today’s dev chat in #core Slack (November 26 2014 21:00 UTC).

  • Splitting terms #30335 – move into feature plugin
  • Remaining tickets for 4.1 (>80) – bug scrub
  • RC and string freeze
  • Decision on focus/DFW behaviour and its default state #29806
  • ‘About’ screen text #30435
  • Any other business

#4-1, #agenda

An update on shared term splitting

Background reading: #30335 and the notes on shared term splitting in

As part of the work on the taxonomy roadmap in 4.1, shared terms (terms which are shared across more than one taxonomy due to a slug collision) now get split when the term gets updated. The end result being that editing a term in one taxonomy will no longer affect the term in another taxonomy.

Many plugins store term IDs in post meta, options, terms (!), etc, and the side effect of shared term splitting is that these caches can break when the ID of a term they reference changes. Not only that, but the breakage (and the cause) can be invisible to the user and hard to track down if they do notice it.

Following a discussion in #core Slack I’m proposing that shared term splitting is removed from 4.1 and we’ll add it back in for 4.2 and allow a full release cycle to get the word out to developers about the change. I’ll make the final decision during tomorrow’s dev chat.

Thanks in particular to @mboynes for his time spent on this.

(Note that this only affects existing terms; new terms do not get shared since r30240.)

#4-1, #dev-notes, #roadmap, #taxonomy

Agenda for November 19th dev chat

Agenda for today’s dev chat in #core Slack (November 19 2014 21:00 UTC).

Current status: A little over 100 tickets in 4.1 milestone

#4-1, #agenda

Agenda for today’s dev chat in the #core…

Agenda for today’s dev chat in the #core channel on slack (November 5 2014 21:00 UTC):

  • Beta/Merge Window@johnbillion would like to extend the merge window and tagging the beta to Friday
  • Hook Recursion#17817: @jbrinley is requesting some eyes on it (likely 4.2-early). Three main issues:
    1. Is there enough unit test coverage?
    2. Does it break plugins which interact with $wp_filter and $wp_actions directly (eg accessing the nested arrays)?
    3. Does it “fix” any existing behavior which could be seen as a regression?
  • Focus#29806: Patch for editor focus v2 looks good. @markjaquith will be posting a merge request update on make/core. @johnbillion will decide whether to merge on Thurs/Fri
  • Sessions UINeeds a ticket, #30264 decision for merge will be Thurs/Fri
  • Shiny Updates#29820: Decision at WCSF was to go with shiny installs, leave shiny updates for a later release. Awaiting feedback from @pento/@nacin/@melchoyce about whether this still has a chance of getting done in time for merge
  • FS Credentials Modal#29820: Also affects #29395 (installing languages from general settings screen)
  • Taxonomy Roadmap@boone is on fire
  • Twenty Fifteen – Some discussion around smaller issues with the new template functions and color schemes, nothing that can’t be iterated upon during beta
  • Bug Scrubs – Continuing weekly bug scrubs on Friday this week, likely a mixture of a11y and 4.1 tickets

#4-1, #agenda

Modernising our real-time communication

The WordPress project is testing out Slack as our main real-time communication platform, replacing IRC and ad hoc Skype chats. is our new information hub for Slack. All users will be able to access WordPress Slack with immediate effect.

This change was announced by Matt during his State Of The Word presentation at WordCamp San Francisco this weekend, and was overwhelmingly positively received. In fact, it was so well received that this week’s dev chat (October 29 2014 20:00 UTC) will be hosted in the WordPress #core channel on Slack, rather than in the #wordpress-dev channel on IRC.

There will be volunteers hanging out in #wordpress-dev to inform users that the dev chat has moved to Slack. For those of you who don’t want to leave IRC just yet, you can connect to WordPress Slack using the IRC gateway.

The #core and #announcements channels on Slack have just surpassed 1,000 users, which is five times as many as we’ve ever had in the channels on IRC. Join us at!

#irc, #slack

Agenda for October 22nd dev chat

Agenda for today’s dev chat in #wordpress-dev (October 22 2014 20:00 UTC)

  • Twenty Fifteen is coming along really well, main issue appears to be sidebar scrolling behaviour.
  • 4.1 Beta 1 is scheduled for next week, so we have a busy week ahead. Also WCSF and the community summit.
  • Not much progress so far on the install/update UI changes, how shall we progress?
  • IRC meeting schedules: @drewapicture
  • Editor focus: needs a decision on default behaviour, user testing, anything else?
  • User/Post Dropdown Performance: status update
  • Meta/Term/Date Query Enhancements: lots of progress. Any other blockers?
  • User session UI, currently awaiting geolocation API details.
  • Friday’s bug scrub coming LIVE from San Fran.
  • Any other business.

#4-1, #agenda