Revisions Update(s) for Last Week

These are combined and late (sorry).

Last week we had two successful Office Hours discussions:

  • Monday –
  • Thursday –

We discussed the different mockups that both @adamsilverstein and @karmatosed have been working on with the discussions in the first meeting leading to some new mockups here:

And then @karmatosed created some further mockups after our second meeting bringing together our feedback and the different idea threads:

Outside of the meetings our progress has been slow because most of us have been travelling for conferences / meetups

Our next office hours are today at 16:00 UTC

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Revisions Update, Jan 22nd

This week the revisions team had our first in-person meeting and we started by setting out office hours for this cycle which are 4pm UTC on Mondays and Thursdays. We then went through and reviewed a large number of open trac tickets related to revisions to get a feel for the existing bugs and enhancement requests as well as to set down a line as to what we feel is and isn’t in scope.

We ended our review with 8 “in-scope” existing tickets:


  • #16215 – Post Revision history displays the incorrect author
  • #20982 – Attribution of changes via edit_last after restore
  • #16847 – Capability check fails for custom post type revision edit (& map_meta_cap no good)
  • #9843 – Duplicate autosave/revisions clutter the database


  • #/22289 – Filter to override WP_POST_REVISIONS (or define it later)
  • #19932 – More context when display revision info for plugins
  • #18733 – Show revision number for post/pages in Revision list
  • #7237 – Multiple clean_post_cache() calls when saving a post due to post revisions

We explicitly left the following out of scope:

  • #9681 – Add hooks to allow a plugin to support the deletion of unneeded revisions
  • #20564 – Post Meta Revisions
  • #20299 – Preview changes on a published post makes all post meta “live”
  • #11049 – Page Preview does not autosave page template

After the trac ticket discussion we then talked about UI ideas and set ourselves some goals for this week:

  • More UI mockups – to come in the comment thread here
  • Start investigating and addressing some of the bugs

Full logs of our IRC Chat are here

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Revisions Update, for 18th Jan 2013

As Aaron posted before the revisions team has two clear focuses:

  • Fixing the Author Attribution issue – #16215
  • Improving the usability of the differences for the average user.

So far most of our discussion has been in the comment thread of Aarons post and I want to catch up on the in-person discussion and start in earnest on fleshing out the direction.

To that end I’m going to spend the majority of Monday the 21st working through the current ideas and also reviewing any revisions related trac tickets to pull together our direction and I invite all interested parties to join me for a discussion session starting at 1400 UTC on #wordpress-dev.

It would be great if @karmatosed, @ethitter, @adamsilverstein could all be there and we can also arrange when our regular office hours will be.

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Team Update: XML-RPC – Taxonomies and Terms

Team Update: XML-RPC (Friday)

We finished our first cycle last week and the implementation of the CRUD functions for Posts (and all Custom Post Types) has been committed to trunk see #18429 for more info.

For our second cycle we decided to focus on CRUD for Taxonomies and Terms taking the patches from GSOC and iterating on them we are using #18438 as the tracker ticker for a single patch to cover all the different methods.

We also decides to put more focus and effort into unit testing this cycle and have started creating some XML-RPC test case for existing/new functionality.

Relevant Tickets: #18438, #18439, #18440, #18441, #18442, #18443, and #18444

Office hours: 5pm-6pm UTC Mon-Fri


Team Update XML RPC Friday We made great…

Team Update: XML-RPC (Friday)

We made great progress this week continuing our focus on the major ticket for implementing wp.newPost (#18429) and working to keep the other bits of this API supporting the same formats. Our 2 week cycle ended on Friday and we are really close to having a patch ready for commit but didn’t quite make it in time. The team are continuing work on the patch and will re-group on Monday to review progress and plan the next cycle.

Relevant Tickets: #18429, #18430, #18431, #18432, #18433
Office hours: 5pm-6pm UTC Mon-Fri


Team Update XML RPC Friday The XML RPC…

Team Update: XML-RPC (Friday)

The XML-RPC team is working on the implementation of an wp namespaced api for XML-RPC to allow the Creation, Read, Update and Delete of Posts/Pages or any CPT. We are focusing on a tight integration in naming and behaviour with the core WordPress apis and avoiding strict one to one backwards compatibility with the older MetaWeblog/Blogger post creation apis so as to create a simpler more consistent api.

Relevant Tickets: #18419, #18430, #18431, #18432, #18433

Some of the tickets have existing patches we are happy with and some we are reworking, our primary focus for the first week has been implementing wp.newPost (#18429) and reviewing the other tickets. Once the implementation for wp.newPost is complete the other APIs should come together quickly.

Office Hours: TBD – I will post these once we have them

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I have had InterTrac linking enabled fro…

I have had InterTrac linking enabled from the Core trac to a few others and back the other way (previously the core trac had a minimal configuration).

You can now refer to changesets and tickets in related tracs as follows:

I added a little to the file naming sect…

I added a little to the file naming section of the WordPress Coding Standards to clarify the way in which we name our class files.

In summary class files will be named using hypen separation and based on the class name they contain.

I won’t be changing the name of old files but have updated the files we added in 3.1 before it’s too late.


Suggest Agenda items for Nov 3rd 2010 dev chat

Suggest agenda items for this weeks developer chat.

Please note the new day and time – Wednesdays at 16:00 UTC


Suggest Agenda Items for today’s meet-u…

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