Weekly Bug Scrubs for 4.4

There’s been a lot of activity on 4.4 already, let’s keep the momentum and start up weekly bug scrubs for the 4.4 cycle. Scrubs are a concentrated period of time for contributors to triage Trac tickets while other people are around at the same time.

Where: The scrubs will be held in the #core channel on Slack.
When: Each Friday, starting with Friday, September 4 2015 16:00 UTC.

The goal is to work for about an hour to triage tickets on the 4.4 milestone and try to provide feedback and make progress on as many tickets as we can, to keep the milestone under control.

See you there!

#4-4, #bug-scrub

Weekly Bug Scrubs

During the latest dev chat we’ve decided to schedule a weekly bug scrub in IRC for the next few weeks each Friday at 11AM Eastern/16:00 UTC, for two hours. Please join us if you’d like to participate in reviewing the patches currently slated for 3.6.

#3-6, #bug-scrub, #maintenance

Ticket Scrub

We’ll have a patch clearing session in IRC on Friday, February 8 at 11AM Eastern/16:00 UTC, for two hours. Let’s aim to go through the commit candidates and resolve some of the other tickets currently slated for 3.6.

#3-6, #bug-scrub, #maintenance