#22862: Consider a CSS preprocessor

In #22862, it was proposed that core move to using a CSS preprocessor. Given that we now have the appropriate tooling in place and MP6 has been greenlighted for preparation to merge into core, it is time we hash this out: which, if any, CSS preprocessor should we use, why that particular one, what does […]

JavaScript Chat Summary: Aug. 20th, 2019

Below is a of the discussion from this week’s JavaScript chat (agenda, Slack Transcript). Thanks to @c4rl0sbr4v0 for taking these notes. Our agenda was empty this week so all discussion arose from the open floor. Introducing a new icon package @nadir says that they will clean the PR of files auto-generated files and also that […]

What’s new in Gutenberg? (29th May)

More than 42 contributors participated in this Gutenberg release. It includes a number of valuable improvements and two important bug fixes that are going to be backported into the next WordPress 5.2.2 release. The work to improve the built-in block library is still ongoing. Heading blocks support custom text colors and we plan to expand […]

JavaScript chat summary, May 14th, 2019

Below is a summary of the discussion from last week’s JavaScript chat (agenda, Slack Transcript) Have a topic for discussion for the next meeting? Leave a suggested edit on this week’s agenda. Agenda: React Hooks for Data Slack Conversation We discussed an issue to introduce a useSelect React hook to the @wordpress/data package. The discussion focused on […]

What’s New in Gutenberg? (7th January)

Gutenberg 4.8 is the first plugin release after WordPress 5.0 that is not going to be backported entirely to the WordPress 5.0.x releases. The bug fixes and performance improvements have been cherry-picked into the upcoming WordPress 5.0.3 release. The Changelog is a bit long as it includes a lot of PRs that were merged but […]

Introducing Twenty Nineteen

Gutenberg grants users an unprecedented level of freedom to customize their site’s layout and design. In order to fully achieve their vision, users will need a new generation of flexible themes, built to take advantage of the creative freedom that Gutenberg offers. With that in mind, WordPress 5.0 will launch with a brand new default […]

What’s new in Gutenberg? (11th October)

4.0 is at the release candidate stage, which can be grabbed here. Our 40th release is going to be a long one. Main changes are the introduction of a new data structure for RichText that will allow building sophisticated interfaces for inline content that we can make portable and relevant to mobile too. It also […]

What’s new in Gutenberg? (20th July)

Today’s release continues to improve multiple areas of Gutenberg, its behaviours and tools. Most of the updates are around refining the experience and strengthening the API surface, but there’s also a couple new server rendered blocks added to the library. There are also multiple packages being extracted as the APIs mature. Many thanks again to […]

JavaScript Chat Summary – July 3rd

Below is a summary of the discussion from this week’s JavaScript chat (agenda, Slack transcript). Participants: @abdullahramzan, @adamsilverstein, @aduth, @afercia, @atimmer, @bpayton, @euthelup, @gziolo, @herregroen, @lonelyvegan, Jorge Costa, @omarreiss, @nerrad, @netweb, @pento, @sharaz, @schlessera. Have a topic for discussion for the next meeting? Leave a suggested edit on next week’s agenda. Deprecation Strategy (Continued from last […]

What’s new in Gutenberg? (5th April)

This release introduces drag and drop capabilities for sorting blocks, various refinements to the block visual interface (including a label with block type identifier) and extensibility APIs, plus a lot of bug fixes. Thanks to everyone who contributed for all the ongoing efforts! 2.6 🐉 💧 Add drag and drop functionality to reorder blocks (in addition […]