Servehappy: Roadmap Update and Priorities

At WordCamp Europe 2018, representatives from different teams got together to discuss the state of the Servehappy project, reevaluate its roadmap and priorities. Meeting Context While this blog typically contains updates from the core PHP team, it is important to highlight that the Servehappy project is an interdisciplinary effort that has involved several other teams […]

Feature Project: Servehappy

The servehappy project is an initiative that seeks to educate WordPress site owners about the value of having the latest version of PHP powering their WordPress site. This supports the overall goal of increasing the percentage of WordPress installs running modern PHP versions. Background One of the core tenets of WordPress is backwards compatibility. Support […]

Servehappy Roadmap

The group of people in the #core-php channel has been discussing and planning a project codenamed “servehappy” for some time now. We are at the point where we think that our plan has matured enough to present it to a bigger WordPress audience, in the hopes that we can get buy-in from more people to […]

Fatal Error Recovery Mode in 5.2

WordPress 5.2 will allow administrators to fix or mitigate fatal errors on their site that would previously have been impossible to address without developer interference and modifying the codebase. Even in the case where a fatal error would commonly have made the backend completely inaccessible (for example through a so-called “white screen of death”), administrators […]

The Improved Fatal Error Protection

Following the post on Site Health mechanisms released in WordPress 5.1, the feature labelled “Fatal Error Protection” (see #44458) was reverted, resulting in it not ending up as part of that release. This was necessary due to several security concerns, partly discovered by the team, partly by third-party security experts: A bad request could be […]

WordPress 5.1 Field Guide

WordPress 5.1 is officially the best WordPress 2019 has seen yet! Users will see block editor improvements while developers will see PHP version upgrade notices and will be able to take advantage of 165 enhancements and features added.  Let’s look at the many improvements coming in 5.1… Site Health 💻🏥 WordPress 5.1 includes portions of the […]

PHP Site Health Mechanisms in 5.1

Update (2019-03-04): The fatal error protection mechanism explained here has been pulled out of the 5.1 release as it had several flaws critical enough to postpone the feature. A new path to address the issues is underway via #46130 and is intended to be released as part of WordPress 5.2. Update (2019-01-21): A few critical […]

Site Health Check Project review at WCUS

This is a verbose set of notes to record the discussions that took place at WCUS and to reflect the work that has been done across multiple teams. The Site Health Check project is a collaborative multi-team project with a focus on encouraging better site maintenance. This project benefits not just WordPress users, but also […]

PHP Meeting Recap – December 17th

This recap is a summary of our previous PHP meeting. It highlights the ideas and decisions which came up during that meeting, both as a means of documenting and to provide a quick overview for those who were unable to attend. You can find this meeting’s chat log here. Chat Summary The meeting focused on the individual […]

Multisite agenda: December 18

This is the agenda for the weekly office hours meeting on  in #core-multisite. As mentioned in #core-multisite last week, it’s been a while since the last organized multisite office hours. Let’s use this as an opportunity to regroup and determine what’s next in 2019. In particular, these topics will be covered: Status of progress made in 2018. […]