Summary, Dev Chat, May 15, 2024

Start of the meeting in SlackSlack Slack is a Collaborative Group Chat Platform The WordPress community has its own Slack Channel at, facilitated by @annezazu. 🔗 Agenda post.


A reminder that the WordPress 6.6 roadmap has been published. Please also read and leave feedback on the Server to client data sharing for Script Modules proposal. Feel free to leave feedback either during Dev Chat or on the proposal post.

Forthcoming Releases

We’re currently in the WordPress 6.6 release cycle. You can find out more about the release squad in this post.

@annezazu noted that after a discussion in the public #6-6-release-leads channel, there is an update underway for the remaining roles yet to be filled. This has now been posted here.

For any folks who want to learn more about the release and help contribute back, I want to call attention to this post on Early opportunities to Test WordPress 6.6. Help the release and learn about it at the same time!


Release Squad: A lengthy discussion ensued about the fact that 3 weeks from BetaBeta A pre-release of software that is given out to a large group of users to trial under real conditions. Beta versions have gone through alpha testing in-house and are generally fairly close in look, feel and function to the final product; however, design changes often occur as part of the process. 1 that the full release squad has not been filled. There were questions about why this release has been so hard to fill and what we could do to improve this in the future. Some questioned the size of the release squad making it difficult to fill and others questioned the length of the cycle. Suggestions were made to try to recruit a release squad earlier in the cycle, or even at the end of the previous cycle.

Note: Since the meeting, the WordPress 6.6 release squad is ready.

Canonical blockBlock Block is the abstract term used to describe units of markup that, composed together, form the content or layout of a webpage using the WordPress editor. The idea combines concepts of what in the past may have achieved with shortcodes, custom HTML, and embed discovery into a single consistent API and user experience. plugins proposal: There is an initial issue and discussion here, and a follow-up Gutenberg PR is currently in progress to create a time to read block. Have folks had a chance to catch up here? Any questions or concerns?

  • @jeffpaul questioned what problem this would solve compared with either shipping these blocks in CoreCore Core is the set of software required to run WordPress. The Core Development Team builds WordPress. or allow them to be maintained as community plugins.
  • @jorbin expressed support for the idea, but identified that there were some questions that need to be answered in addition to what @grantmkin shared in this GitHub comment.
  • @annezazu shared that the difference is useful in that some blocks haven’t been a great fit for Core, for a variety of reasons. This separation allows the base experience to remain the same while offering strong, supported blocks provided by Core that folks can add on.
  • This was a lengthy discussion. Everyone is encouraged to provide feedback on the related issue.

Proposal: Server to client data sharing for Script Modules: This proposal is still looking for feedback.

Open Floor

@kkmuffme requested guidance on several tickets that have stalled, that he is hoping will get picked up in time for the 6.6 release. Following the meeting, @jeffpaul scrubbed the list and pinged relevant core developers who might be able to review and provide feedback.

Note: Anyone reading this summary outside of the meeting, please drop a comment in the post summary, if you can/want to help with something.

Props to @mikachan for proofreading.

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