Unification of the site and post editors in 6.5

In WordPress 6.5, the site editor has been refactored to match the post editor UIUI User interface and behavior closely. 


The preferences have been unified between the post and site editor. For instance, if a user enables the top toolbar in the post editor, it will be honored in the site editor and vice versa. 

This means that the following preferences have been moved from the core/edit-post or core/edit-site scopes into the core scope.

  • allowRightClickOverrides
  • distractionFree
  • editorMode
  • fixedToolbar
  • focusMode
  • hiddenBlockTypes
  • inactivePanels
  • keepCaretInsideBlock
  • mostUsedBlocks
  • openPanels
  • showBlockBreadcrumbs
  • showIconLabels
  • showListViewByDefault

Accessing the preferences using the previous scope will continue to work but it’s deprecated, you can now access and modify these preferences using:

const isFixedToolbar = window.wp.data.select( 'core/preferences' ).get( 'core', 'fixedToolbar' );
window.wp.data.dispatch( 'core/preferences' ).get( 'core', 'fixedToolbar', true );

Actions and selectors

For the same reasons, the following selectors and actions from ‘edit-post’ store to the ‘editor’ store:

  • setIsInserterOpened
  • setIsListViewOpened
  • isInserterOpened
  • isListViewOpened
  • isEditorPanelEnabled
  • isEditorPanelOpened
  • isEditorPanelRemoved
  • removeEditorPanel
  • toggleEditorPanelEnabled
  • toggleEditorPanelOpened
const isInserterOpened = window.wp.data.select( 'core/editor' ).isInserterOpened();

Editor Store

The site editor now relies on the editor package, thie means that in order to retrieve the currently edited post or entity, you can use the editor store selectors:

const editedPostType = wp.data.select( 'core/editor' ).getCurrentPostType();
const editedPostId = wp.data.select( 'core/editor' ).getCurrentPostId();

The rest of the editor store selectors and actions should also be now usable within the site editor.

Props to @audrasjb for the technical review and @leonnugraha for the copy review

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