Seeking proposals for Interop 2024


Once again it’s time to submit your proposals, as Interop 2024 is happening! WordPress developers, please contribute your proposals for 2024 as on GitHub or as a comment on this post.

What is Interop?

Developing for the web’s diverse browsers has historically been complicated by gaps in browser capabilities that developers had to work around. Interop is a multi-year, multi-browser effort to address that. 

Interop aims to improve interoperability across the three major web browser engines (Chromium, WebKit and Gecko) in important areas as identified by web developers. Interop provides a benchmark – agreed on by representatives of three major browsers and developed through a process of public nomination – and a scoring mechanism.  The overall goal is to make developers’ lives better by enabling a widely compatible “Baseline” of web platform features.

The scale of WordPress and the wide variety of use cases we support puts WordPress developers in a unique position to contribute to and benefit from this effort. In the past, WordPress has helped identify and adopt important features like `srcset` and native lazy loading, and Interop gives us an opportunity to contribute feedback directly to browser developers. 

The Interop 2023 work has already made great progress including on suggestions WordPress developers made on last year’s post like color-mix, inert, import-maps and some contentEditable areas. Now, the effort has begun to identify issues for Interop 2024

What browser interoperability issues continue to present problems for WordPress developers? You can make suggestions to the Interop 2024 project directly by opening a GitHub issue or leave a detailed comment below.

Suggestions can include features that have inconsistent behaviors across browsers or features that aren’t available in all browsers. When formulating proposals, keep in mind that the goal of the project is to improve interoperability between browsers rather than identify new features.

What potential features in WordPress are blocked by cross-browser compatibility issues? Help make browsers better by submitting issues!

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