Performance Chat Agenda: 14 March 2023

Here is the agenda for this week’s performance team meeting scheduled for March 14, 2023 at 16:00 UTC.

  • Announcements
    • As agreed in last weeks chat, this week we are following the new agenda structure below that is more aligned with our 2023 roadmap
    • During each priority project update, we will aim to tagtag A directory in Subversion. WordPress uses tags to store a single snapshot of a version (3.6, 3.6.1, etc.), the common convention of tags in version control systems. (Not to be confused with post tags.) the individuals who contributed suggestions for that priority project in the 2023 roadmap, to get any updates on progress
  • Priority projects
  • Open floor

This meeting happens in the #core-performance channel. To join the meeting, you’ll need an account on the Make WordPress Slack.

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