6.2 Live Product Demo

This summary post provides information regarding the forthcoming live stream and live preview of what’s coming in WordPress 6.2. 

Date, Time, and Location

The event will take place on Thursday, March 2, 2023, at 17:00 UTC via Zoom. The event will be recorded and archived for on-demand viewing.


WordPress 6.2 release squad members Anne McCarthy and Rich Tabor will pair up to demo some of the major features expected in the upcoming release. This Zoom event is open to anyone within the WordPress community and will include a closer look at what’s to come, with the opportunity to ask questions.

This is a slightly different format from the previous 6.0 and 6.1 walk-throughs, focusing on showcasing the great work that’s been going into the release. Future releases can expect to see this, a walk-through/discussion, or both types of live events become part of the release cycle. 

With each release, we aim to find ways to bring the community closer to the hard work that helps WordPress get better and better. It’s a fun and casual way to check in and get a preview of the features the release squad is most excited about before the general release date. 


Event attendance is open to the general public and will be recorded. 

The 6.2 live demo panel will also include a moderator to help guide the conversation and field audience questions. A technical note-taker will also be present.

Together, the panelists will demo features and discuss some of what’s to come in the 6.2 release. After they present, the panelists will also answer questions from attendees. The recording as well as all questions will be collected and addressed in a follow-up summary post.

For More Information

Please ask questions about the event’s logistics as replies/comments on this post. If you would like to submit a question in advance to be considered for discussion during the event, please share your question in the Make WordPress Slack within the #walkthrough channel.

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Props to all the participants for volunteering, as well as @laurlittle for helping prepare this announcement and general live demo readiness.