Dev Chat agenda: October 26,2022

1. Welcome

October 26 is the last dev chat of the 6.1 release cycle. Next week at this time, 6.1 will be live!

2. Announcements

WordPress 6.1 RC3 landed on Tuesday, October 25. Please download and test!

3. Blogblog (versus network, site) posts of note

@audrasjb thanks all the people in the latest A week in Core.

@priethor has published a guide to the final release process. You can start testing and other preparations for the big day now!

@sabernhardt discusses some new markup and styles in the world of Multisite.

And @estelaris showcases a new design for HelpHub.

4. Upcoming releases

The next major is 6.1.

An impromptu 6.0.3 minor landed last week. The CoreCore Core is the set of software required to run WordPress. The Core Development Team builds WordPress. team also updated every version below 6.0 that is still under official support.

5. Components and tickets

@robinwpdeveloper, a developer in Bangladesh, has volunteered to maintain the Login/Registration component. He got inspired by this October 5 devchat thread and messaged @marybaum on October 23.

6. Open Floor

Got something to raise? Add it to the comments, and see you at devchat!

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