Agenda, Dev Chat, August 10, 2022

The weekly WordPress Developers Chat on Wednesdays at 20:00 UTC. This is the agenda for August 10, 2022. Please join the chat in the #Core channel of the Make WordPress SlackSlack Slack is a Collaborative Group Chat Platform The WordPress community has its own Slack Channel at; the meeting is for everyone.

1. Welcome

Dev Chat summary, August 3, 2022

2. Announcements

3. Blogblog (versus network, site) posts

What’s new in Gutenberg 13.8 (August 3, 2022 post)

A Week in Core (August 8, 2022 post)

Giving FSE a more user-friendly name – this discussion post, from July 27, is still open.

Off-forum support requests – Highlighted in the team reps group this week, this discussion is looking for awareness, discussion, and feedback.

4. Upcoming releases

a) Next major releasemajor release A release, identified by the first two numbers (3.6), which is the focus of a full release cycle and feature development. WordPress uses decimaling count for major release versions, so 2.8, 2.9, 3.0, and 3.1 are sequential and comparable in scope.: 6.1

c) Next minor releaseMinor Release A set of releases or versions having the same minor version number may be collectively referred to as .x , for example version 5.2.x to refer to versions 5.2, 5.2.1, 5.2.3, and all other versions in the 5.2 (five dot two) branch of that software. Minor Releases often make improvements to existing features and functionality.: 6.0.2

5. Ticketticket Created for both bug reports and feature development on the bug tracker. help / Component Maintainers requests

If you are a component maintainer, this is your time to highlight a ticket or give an update. You can also add information in the comments section.

a) Component maintainers – any issues?

b) Tickets to raise?

Trac Ticket #56283: consensus needed (@audrasjb)

GutenbergGutenberg The Gutenberg project is the new Editor Interface for WordPress. The editor improves the process and experience of creating new content, making writing rich content much simpler. It uses ‘blocks’ to add richness rather than shortcodes, custom HTML etc. Ticket #35852 – request from @mamaduka and the coreCore Core is the set of software required to run WordPress. The Core Development Team builds WordPress. editor bugbug A bug is an error or unexpected result. Performance improvements, code optimization, and are considered enhancements, not defects. After feature freeze, only bugs are dealt with, with regressions (adverse changes from the previous version) being the highest priority. scrub for testing.

6. Open Floor

Do you have something for Open Floor? Please add it in the comments below.

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