Dev chat summary, July 27, 2022

[Update: links to TracTrac An open source project by Edgewall Software that serves as a bug tracker and project management tool for WordPress. tickets mentioned added]

1. Welcome

@marybaum and @webcommsat led the meeting on this agenda. If you’re interested, you can also check out the summary from the July 20 meeting.

@marybaum welcomed new people and observers.

2. Announcements

WordPress 6.1 has a schedule and a squad!

3. Blogblog (versus network, site) posts

@webcommsat posted these links of note:

@audrasjb published A week in Core for July 25

@audrasjb reports in with A week in Core.

Core Editor improvement: deeper customization with more template options, from @greenshady

@critterverse proposes A new kind of default theme.

@pbearne proposes adding a dominant color background for images.

@bacoords would like feedback on this proof of concept: feature notifications.

In case you missed it last week, @bph shares what’s new in Gutenberg 13.7.

And @chanthaboune opened a conversation about renaming FSE.

@jeffpaul introduced @pbearne and invited the group to ask questions about his post on dominant-color image backgrounds. @pbearne kicked off a discussion on the Core Slack.

4. Upcoming releases

Again, WordPress 6.1 is under way. @costdev invited release leads and squad members to pingPing The act of sending a very small amount of data to an end point. Ping is used in computer science to illicit a response from a target server to test it’s connection. Ping is also a term used by Slack users to @ someone or send them a direct message (DM). Users might say something along the lines of “Ping me when the meeting starts.” him if they need extra eyes on tickets or help with anything else.

@annezazu volunteered to, as she put it, “shake things loose” to get the next minor, 6.0.2, moving.

5. Open floor

@afragen asked for testing help on two fronts: the rollback feature he has been working on with @costdev and @pbiron, and the feature plugin that’s all about plugin dependencies.

@sergeybiryukov reported on his components. In particular, he called out tickets #55652 and #45329.

@costdev asked for eyes on #54582.

And @marybaum reported a successful test of the patchpatch A special text file that describes changes to code, by identifying the files and lines which are added, removed, and altered. It may also be referred to as a diff. A patch can be applied to a codebase for testing. on #50886. Her co-maintainer on Help/About, @webcommsat, asked for further tests on the patch.

Finally, @webcommsat highlighted a request from the Marketing team: please keep sharing The community site where WordPress code is created and shared by the users. This is where you can download the source code for WordPress core, plugins and themes as well as the central location for community conversations and organization. social posts related to releases! That single act really helps keep the project in users’ hearts and minds.

Thanks to @webcommsat for cohosting the chat and for reviewing this summary.