Dev chat agenda for July 13, 2022

The summary from last week—July 6, 2022.

1. Announcements

WordPress 6.0.1 has landed!

As did, last week, Gutenberg 13.6!

2. Blogblog (versus network, site) posts of note

A Week in Core

Recap of WordPress 6.0 retrospective feedback

Contributor Teams for WCUS 2022

WordPress packages publish to npm every two weeks

Proposed editorial process for the new developer blog

The Month in WordPress post for June 2022

3. Upcoming releases

The next major is 6.1.

The next minor, if there is one, will be 6.0.2.

Again, congratulations and huzzahs to the (release-)party animals who landed 6.0.1!

4. Open floor

Component maintainers and folx with 6.1 early tickets have priority. After that, the floor is yours; please note your item in the comments, especially if you cannot join the chat and would like your friendly (global) neighborhood facilitator to raise it for you.

See you then!

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