Two Weeks in Core – May 30, 2022

Welcome back to a new issue of Week in CoreCore Core is the set of software required to run WordPress. The Core Development Team builds WordPress.. This is a special edition since it exceptionally covers two weeks.

Let’s take a look at what changed on TracTrac An open source project by Edgewall Software that serves as a bug tracker and project management tool for WordPress. between May 16 and May 30, 2022.

  • 31 commits
  • 62 contributors
  • 136 tickets created
  • 13 tickets reopened
  • 100 tickets closed

WordPress 6.0 “Arturo” was released !

Ticketticket Created for both bug reports and feature development on the bug tracker. numbers are based on the Trac timeline for the period above. The following is a summary of commits, organized by component and/or focus.

Code changes

AccessibilityAccessibility Accessibility (commonly shortened to a11y) refers to the design of products, devices, services, or environments for people with disabilities. The concept of accessible design ensures both “direct access” (i.e. unassisted) and “indirect access” meaning compatibility with a person’s assistive technology (for example, computer screen readers). (

  • List Tables: Hide the Comments column icon and title attribute from screen readers – #55555, #24766


  • Fix image overlap in Dashboard welcome panel – #55793

Build/Test Tools

  • Fix comments odd/even instabilities (test leaks) – #54725
  • Link to a specific run attempt in GitHubGitHub GitHub is a website that offers online implementation of git repositories that can easily be shared, copied and modified by other developers. Public repositories are free to host, private repositories require a paid subscription. GitHub introduced the concept of the ‘pull request’ where code changes done in branches by contributors can be reviewed and discussed before being merged be the repository owner. Action SlackSlack Slack is a Collaborative Group Chat Platform The WordPress community has its own Slack Channel at notifications – #55652
  • Temporarily skip MariaDB version test – #55791

Bundled themes

  • Bump versions for WordPress 6.0 release – #55754
  • Revert the Twenty Ten theme version to 3.6 – #55810, #55754
  • Twenty Twenty-Two: Fix typo in Dark Footer pattern docblockdocblock (phpdoc, xref, inline docs)#55772

Code Modernization

  • Replace phpversion() function calls with PHP_VERSION constant – #55680

Coding Standards

  • Correct alignment in various files – #55647


  • Add missing documentation for fallback_gap_value param – #55567
  • Add missing documentation for some Customize class properties – #55646
  • Correct the type for WP_Post::$post_category and ::$tags_input#55785
  • Explicitly declare some globals for clarity – #51439
  • Use third-person singular verbs for method descriptions in wp-includes/class-wp-roles.php, per the documentation standards – #55646


  • Fix opinionated blockBlock Block is the abstract term used to describe units of markup that, composed together, form the content or layout of a webpage using the WordPress editor. The idea combines concepts of what in the past may have achieved with shortcodes, custom HTML, and embed discovery into a single consistent API and user experience. styles loading in editor – #55567
  • Return additional block patterns to server-generated settings – #55567
  • Update WordPress packages for 6.0 RCrelease candidate One of the final stages in the version release cycle, this version signals the potential to be a final release to the public. Also see alpha (beta). 3 – #55567
  • Update WordPress packages for 6.0 RC 4 – #55567



  • Add cache busting string to video thumbnail – #55808
  • Ensure about page shows current headerHeader The header of your site is typically the first thing people will experience. The masthead or header art located across the top of your page is part of the look and feel of your website. It can influence a visitor’s opinion about your content and you/ your organization’s brand. It may also look different on different screen sizes.#55750
  • Finalise links on about page – #55775


  • Add support for WebP images in the Thickbox library – #55786


  • Check if $wp_query is set in query loopLoop The Loop is PHP code used by WordPress to display posts. Using The Loop, WordPress processes each post to be displayed on the current page, and formats it according to how it matches specified criteria within The Loop tags. Any HTML or PHP code in the Loop will be processed on each post. functions – #55722

Quick/Bulk Edit

Site Editor

  • Include style parameter in home template redirect – #55752


  • Improve the assertions in recommended MySQLMySQL MySQL is a relational database management system. A database is a structured collection of data where content, configuration and other options are stored. and MariaDB version tests – #55791, #55652


  • Accept valid block themes – #55754


  • Update $_old_files for 6.0 – #55794


  • Fail gracefully when checking mapped capabilities without providing the required object ID – #44591


Thanks to the 62 people who contributed to WordPress Core on Trac: @SergeyBiryukov (11), @hellofromTonya (8), @costdev (8), @peterwilsoncc (7), @ryelle (4), @zieladam (4), @sabernhardt (3), @mukesh27 (3), @JeffPaul (2), @ironprogrammer (2), @desrosj (2), @hellofromtonya (2), @audrasjb (2), @johnstonphilip (2), @azaozz (2), @ravipatel (2), @ryokuhi (1), @karlgroves (1), @grantmkin (1), @mamaduka (1), @iamjaydip (1), @passoniate (1), @jeherve (1), @afercia (1), @ilunabar (1), @henry.wright (1), @johnbillion (1), @aristath (1), @mattheweppelsheimer (1), @azouamauriac (1), @Ninos Ego (1), @TobiasBg (1), @wpsmith (1), @GaryJ (1), @nacin (1), @jsnajdr (1), @poena (1), @jrf (1), @Boniu91 (1), @dd32 (1), @davidbaumwald (1), @Chouby (1), @nalininonstopnewsuk (1), @webcommsat (1), @marybaum (1), @meher (1), @wparslan (1), @annezazu (1), @critterverse (1), @vdankbaar (1), @FlorianBrinkmann (1), @thijso (1), @teunvgisteren (1), @timkersten655 (1), @omaeyusuke (1), @ayeshrajans (1), @graham73may (1), @jffng (1), @mehedi890 (1), @sergeybiryukov (1), @gziolo (1), and @ndiego (1).

Core committers: @sergeybiryukov (14), @peterwilsoncc (7), @gziolo (5), @hellofromtonya (2), @ryelle (1), @desrosj (1), and @audrasjb (1).

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