Performance team meeting summary – November, 16 2021

This is the agenda for the meeting. You can read the logs here on Slack.

Focus group projects discussion

@audrasjb made an update about the progress for the Site Health group. Here’s the document with details about two projects for the focus group. The next step for this group is to use the next Site Health meeting time slot (November 22, 2021, at 16:00 UTC) to discuss these 2 projects.

@adamsilverstein shared that the Images focus group has a long list of ideas. The next task for this group would be to describe these ideas based on the template; listing their impact, complexity etc. and then based on that prioritizing the work of the group.

Should the performance team have its own Make blogblog (versus network, site)?

@spacedmonkey raised this question about having a Make blog for the Performance team.

@flixos90 mentioned that performance encompasses all areas of WordPress. And that having a dedicated performance blog is likely less impactful than posting in the area(s) where a certain topic mostly applies to – a dedicated performance blog may end up in some sort of silo, where only people who are into it anyway become aware of it.

Weekly meeting time

The team has voted to move the meeting time one hour later, at 4:00 PM UTC. The new meeting times are also updated here.

Object caching focus group

The object caching focus now has 7 contributor votes on the focus groups spreadsheet. With so many interested contributors, it is relevant to make it a focus group. @tillkruess and @dustinrue will be the POCs for this focus group.

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