Dev Chat Agenda for May 19, 2021

Here is the agenda for this week’s developer meetings to occur at the following times: May 19, 2021 at 5:00 UTC and May 19, 2021 at 20:00 UTC.

Blogblog (versus network, site) Post Highlights

Blog posts that need feedback

5.8 Schedule Review

  • Final Alpha Scrub focused on features and enhancements before Feature Freeze on May 24, 2021 at 20:00 UTC
  • Feature Freeze in 6 days on Tuesday, May 25th
  • BetaBeta A pre-release of software that is given out to a large group of users to trial under real conditions. Beta versions have gone through alpha testing in-house and are generally fairly close in look, feel and function to the final product; however, design changes often occur as part of the process. 1 in 20 days on Tuesday, June 8th
  • RCrelease candidate One of the final stages in the version release cycle, this version signals the potential to be a final release to the public. Also see alpha (beta). 1 in 41 days on Tuesday, June 29th
  • 5.8 release in 62 days on Tuesday, July 20th

Components check-in and status updates

  • 5.8 plans and help needed
  • Check-in with each component for status updates.
  • Poll for components that need assistance.

Open Floor

Do you have something to propose for the agenda, or a specific item relevant to the usual agenda items above?

Please leave a comment, and say whether or not you’ll be in the chat, so the group can either give you the floor or bring up your topic for you accordingly.

This meeting happens in the #core channel. To join the meeting, you’ll need an account on the Making WordPress Slack.

Props @desrosj for peer review.

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