Chat Summary: 23th April 2020…

Chat Summary: 23th April 2020

Full meeting transcript on Slack:

I (@notlaura) facilitated the meeting.

CSSCSS Cascading Style Sheets. audit updates

No CSS audit updates this week.

Color Scheming status update

I proposed having this as a recurring agenda item since it is a long term and far reaching initiative – meeting attendees were in agreement that it should be.

@kburgoine created the ticketticket Created for both bug reports and feature development on the bug tracker. “Replace wp-admin color schemes with CSS custom properties” #49930 and mentioned there hasn’t been much traction. We discussed possible next steps for the ticket. @ryelle mentioned a need to break down the need for color schemes, and @kburgoine mentioned researching and outline some potential approaches, perhaps with proof of concept Codepens and some prototypes.

@ryelle indicated that the root issue might be that we need a different approach to color schemes and that custom properties might be part of the solution, but not the whole thing. There are currently has 206 unique colors in wp-adminadmin (and super admin), and the current implementation of color schemes requires any overriding of default colors to be just as specific. To summarize this message, standardizing colors and switching them all to custom properties would remove the need for color scheme authors to write new CSS to override the default colors. So, specificity resulting from the current color scheme handling is an issue. @isabel_brison suggested that a ticket to track the current issues with color schemes would be useful.

@netsassprodsr asked about IE support, and @isabel_brison mentioned that we would need some sort of flagging / indication to users what color schemes are IE friendly.

I outlined a couple of next steps for the color scheme ticket based on the conversation:
1. research/list some problems that are caused due to the current color scheme implementation
2. research/list some approaches for colors schemes in the ticket

@ryelle offered to take on #1 and to create a ticket for it if one doesn’t already exist.

Open Floor

@isabel_brison has created a label in the Gutenberg repo for CSS issues – very cool! This will hopefully be helpful for folks who want to contribute to GutenbergGutenberg The Gutenberg project is the new Editor Interface for WordPress. The editor improves the process and experience of creating new content, making writing rich content much simpler. It uses ‘blocks’ to add richness rather than shortcodes, custom HTML etc. with their CSS skills.

That was all for this week! @isabel_brison will be filling in for me and facilitating the next CSS chat on 30 April.

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