Dev chat summary, March 18, 2020

@marybaum facilitated the chat on this agenda.

Full meeting transcript on Slack

This devchat marked week 10 of the 5.4 release cycle.


WordPress 5.4 Release Candidate 3 was released on Tuesday March 17th! 🎉Thank you to everyone that has contributed! @johannlinnarsson asked when we might expect the final 5.4 release and @marybaum confirmed that March 31 is the target release date. 

Upcoming releases WordPress 5.4

WordPress 5.4 About Page: @karmatosed shared that many many folks contributed to the design and creation of the About page. Thank you to everyone that contributed. Testing is very much appreciated at this point as we prepare for release candidate 4 on March 24.

@jorgefilipecosta mentioned that there are two pull requests that are in need of review for 5.4 and those can be found at this link.

 @clorith asked if there was any additional information regarding the recent changes to editor default views and there is currently no new information outside of the discussions in the blog post. 

Components Check-In

@azaozz had some exciting Media updates showing off the now merged 1.1 changes for the Lazy Loading Feature Plugin and said that he will be working on a patch to introduce in trunk (5.5.) More to come soon on this much anticipated feature! If you’d like to contribute here is a link to the GitHub repo.

@audrasjb introduced some new changes to WP Auto Updates saying, “WP Auto-updates Feature Plugin version 0.3.0 was released with email notifications for plugins automatic updates. Next version will be focused on porting all the current features to themes screen.” A summary of this chat can be found at this link. If you would like to get involved in contributing to this feature, please feel free to jump into the Feature Plugin GitHub repo.

@pbiron mentioned another plugin that could benefit from some testing; Core Sitemaps plugin is aiming for an early inclusion into 5.5. Please feel encouraged to test it ahead of time! If you’d like to contribute to this feature, explore the GitHub repo!

@aduth provided a #core-js update around their processes. He said, “In the #core-js chat this week, it was suggested to share that our weekly meeting summaries are now including a “News Roundup” of JavaScript and Gutenberg-related items, for those who might be interested or think it helpful to keep in the loop. “ A link to that can be found at the end of this summary post.

Props to @garrett-eclipse for the peer review of this summary. 🙏🏼

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