CSS Chat Summary: 5th March 2020

Full meeting transcript on Slack: https://wordpress.slack.com/archives/CQ7V4966Q/p1583442173087500

I (@isabel_brison) facilitated the meeting. 

We started by discussing if we should change the meeting time to accommodate daylight savings changes coming soon. No decision has been made yet; if you have an interest in this meeting and changing/not changing the hour would enable you (or not) to attend, please leave a comment below!

Open Floor

@notlaura started by asking how best to kick off a CSS audit as discussed last week. Based on last week’s discussion, I had already created a Trac ticket to start thinks off: https://core.trac.wordpress.org/ticket/49582 and asked everyone to add to it if I missed anything.

@notlaura asked about workflows for regression testing. There is no automated visual testing in core yet, and we discussed setting up visual snapshot testing before making any changes to existing CSS. 

We agreed that adding snapshot testing will not block the audit, as the outcome of the audit will be a set of recommendations, but we should have tests in place before we start acting on those recommendations.

We also discussed how to divide up the audit into sub-tasks, and agreed to create smaller tickets to tackle each part as needed. 

@notlaura also suggested leveraging static analysis tools for the audit, suggesting this collection of resources: https://github.com/mre/awesome-static-analysis#css

@sabernhardt suggested running the audit on a public version of WP (5.4 when it’s ready, or one of the RCs if we start earlier), and shared a report on plugin testing for 5.3: https://make.wordpress.org/core/2019/10/15/report-wp-5-3-admin-css-changes-tested-against-top-20-plugins/ .

At which point we hit the hour, and wrapped up. 

#core-css, #summary