JavaScript Chat Summary: February 25, 2020

Below is a summary of the discussion from this week’s JavaScript chat (agendaSlack transcript).

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Unit testing revisited

(Slack conversation)

The current tooling used for component testing in Gutenberg was observed to not support support React portals. An implementation of a new testing utility module was originally proposed, then later resubmitted as an incremental approach to adopt React Testing Library.


  • Is this about limitations of the tooling for fundamental React features, or about our approach to testing? It appears to be a little of both.
  • The conversation evolved into a discussion of how we want to test components, essentially distilled to a distinction between white-box and black-box testing.
  • There was some unclarity around what impact React Testing Library would have on our existing tools. @hazdiego joined the conversation, pointed to an earlier GitHub comment contrasting the solutions, and clarified that while it has feature parity to support replacing existing tools, it also comes opinionated with integration-style testing.

Action items:

Open Floor

WordPress 5.4 Deadlines

(Slack conversation)

@adamsilverstein made note that the WordPress 5.4 release is quickly approaching and that any work not addressed soon would need to be punted to a future release.

@aduth mentioned that a polyfill fix for URL will be needed, and that he would appreciate attention on the corresponding patch at #49360.

Webpack Build

(Slack conversation)

@gziolo mentioned that changes to the Webpack build were introduced with #48154, where one asset file is created containing all JavaScript entry points. This generated file is used to iterate and register all core scripts output from the Webpack build.

@gziolo mentioned a desire to improve upon this with better handling between development and production environments. He gave an example of the wp-warning package, which should be considered unnecessary for production, since it is a noop in that environment. Due to time constraints, this is planned to be discussed further in next week’s meeting.

#core-js, #javascript