Dev Chat summary – February 5, 2020 (5.4 week 4)

The chat was facilitated by @davidbaumwald on this agenda.

Full meeting transcript on Slack

This devchat marked week 4 of the 5.4 release cycle.

Highlighted posts

Upcoming Releases – 5.4

We are currently in week 4 since WordPress 5.4 kick-off.

Further informations:

@audrasjb pointed out that it would be good to add more bug scrubs to help ticket triage and punting when necessary, to help contributors to focus on tickets that are realistically going to land in 5.4.

In addition to the scrub he scheduled for early Friday morning and Monday, @davidbaumwald will host another on Sunday.

Reminder: Beta 1 is the deadline for Feature Request and Enhancement type tickets. The full list of such tickets can be found with this Trac query.

Gutenberg Navigation Block

@noisysocks noted that including this block in the release could generate confusion for end users, as it will appear as a standalone block without any of the accompanying features (Full Site Editing and a new nav-menu.php page) that will make this block actually useful. He felts unsure if we want to remove this block from the 5.4 scope or not.

@jorgefilipecosta agreed with the concerns being raised by Robert. He said he was operating under the assumption that the navigation block needed to be part of 5.4. But from his side, he think we can change that assumption. He also think the navigation block by itself without Full Site Editing is not very useful for most users.

Note: the Navigation Block was officially removed from the release scope two days after the dev chat.

Plugins & Themes Automatic Updates

For reference, see the two related Trac tickets: #48850 and #49199.

@audrasjb updated the current work on the related tickets:

  • Technical aspects of the feature still need a lot of review from deeply experimented core committers
  • Design changes need to be validated by the design team

According to @audrasjb, there is a quite solid basis, but the Core team still needs to take some decisions about this feature, as we are approaching beta 1.

@desrosj made a deep review of the technical changes, and shared his concerns about the feature and also an alternative patch.

@mapk, @karmatosed and @audrasjb iterated on the user experience and their work is close to be finalized.

Email notifications are handled by @desrosj and will need copy review. @marybaum is available to help on that side.

The release Team will take the final decision about implementing automatic updates for Plugins & Themes in WordPress 5.4 before Beta 1 is released, and will publish a post on Make/Core to announce their progress on this specific topic.

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