WP Notify Meeting Recap – February 03 2020

This is a recap of the WP Notify meeting held on Monday, February 03, 2020, 14:00 UTC. You can read the meeting discussion here.

This was a very quiet meeting, with only @psykro and @hrmervin attending. We continued along with the planned items in the requirements document.

The Objectives section seems complete, and no one has added any further comments on the document or the recap post, so we’re going to move forward and accept this as it stands

We reviewed the current status of the new Use Cases section. @psykro added a comments on the State item as well as comments around how we see notifications being sent to users based on their role.

Based on the fact that there were no other voices in the meeting, we ended the meeting early. As always we welcome feedback from the community in the current progress of finalizing the requirements document.

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📅 Monday, February 10 @ 14:00 UTC

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