Release Model Working Group Chat Summary: February 5th, 2020

Here is the Summary of the second Release Model Working Group Chat in #core on Slack at 20:00 UTC!

Thank you to @sergeybiryukov for the peer review on these meeting notes!

The Release Model Working Group was kicked off last week, with these goals in mind: 

  • Evaluate the technical changes needed to speed up the release process.
  • Evaluate if those changes are doable with the existing resources and tools.
  • Produce factual, objective documentation outlining the group’s findings.

Folks are welcome to self-assign areas of interest, which are outlined in this spreadsheet.

A GitHub repo has been created for the project, and there are a few open issues for the group to get started with. Here are some areas the group will focus on:

  • Existing documentation on the release cycle, with an emphasis on out of date items, items contingent on other steps, items that should be tied to specific timeframes and items that can be automated. As next steps, Issue 2 and Issue 4 for reviewing documentation can be broken down into different sections.
  • The internal release process. Issue 3 was created to get that started.
  • During the chat @marybaum opened an issue proposing a formal announcement of the alpha process at branchbranch A directory in Subversion. WordPress uses branches to store the latest development code for each major release (3.9, 4.0, etc.). Branches are then updated with code for any minor releases of that branch. Sometimes, a major version of WordPress and its minor versions are collectively referred to as a "branch", such as "the 4.0 branch"..
  • Testing as it relates to the release cycle.
  • Security as it relates to the release cycle.
  • How each team is involved in the release cycle, with @clorith leading the charge on that one.
  • New Contributor Onboarding.
  • @francina@audrasjb, @marybaum are handling the pre-kick-off phase.

Next Meeting

Meetings for the working group will take place on the first and third Wednesday of the month at 08:00 UTC and 20:00 UTC. The next meeting is on Wednesday, February 19th, 2020. Hope to see you there!

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