JavaScript Chat Summary: January 21, 2020

Below is a summary of the discussion from this week’s JavaScript chat (agendaSlack transcript).

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New “create-block” package

@gziolo has opened a pull request to propose a new “create-block” package, intended to be used by plugin authors to scaffold new blocks. This is the result of work which had been previewed during a previous meeting’s open floor.

Discussion points:

  • Separate package vs. part of the existing scripts package?
    • Needs to be separate to be usable as an npm init initializer.
    • We could decide later to add something to scripts which “proxies” commands to the separate package
  • Differences from the existing WP-CLI scaffold script?
    • Embraces build tooling, vs. intention of WP-CLI script to be run-and-done
    • Can be run outside a WordPress environment
  • Future goals

Action Items:

Open Floor

  • @epiqueras shared a problem which has surfaced in development of the block editor relating to values in inner blocks contextual to their ancestor blocks. He has worries about the performance impact of the current approaches, and has proposed an idea for a solution to improve the block API in a way which creates a shared context for block values.
  • @davilera raised an ongoing discussion regarding date function inconsistencies. This was also discussed during last week’s meeting. As an action item, he would like for a decision on the desired behavior and function signatures. We want to avoid backwards-incompatible changes. The pull request in its current form is sufficient for fixing an existing bug. After some discussion, a plan emerges that changes toward a more desirable API can and will be made within the current pull request without introducing breaking changes.

#core-js, #javascript