JavaScript Chat Summary: December 10, 2019

Below is a summary of the discussion from this week’s JavaScript chat (agendaSlack Transcript).

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Follow-Up: JSDoc Guidelines

(Slack conversation, previous meeting summary)

Proposed JSDoc guidelines were merged since the last meeting. They are available in a readable format in its own section in the Coding Guidelines for Gutenberg.


In the previous week, we talked about having some new conventions to support what we need for the types effort summarized in the tracking issue on GitHub.

@aduth shared that as he’s been working through these tasks (PR for Priority Queue package), he’s already found a few other things that might be worth contemplating. He has a sense this could be an evolving standard or at least a need for some additional clarity in specific cases as noted in the agenda:

  • Explicit recommendation on types capitalization ({Object} vs. {object}).
  • @see vs. @link correctness – the current guidelines are mistaken in treating @link as a non-inline tag.

The eslint-plugin-jsdoc plugin we now use in Gutenberg has most of the “defaults” we had already been preferring for some time. The point is to make this explicit in the recommendations, as well.


(Slack conversation)

There were proposed revisions to JavaScript Coding Standards for Prettier compatibility.


There have been a couple of comments on the post already. Still, they don’t seem to be directly relevant for what’s being considered in these revisions, and more to the quality of the document generally-speaking.

There is also this question of how we document the expected way of using Prettier. @aduth assumed there’s some need for editor integration or pre-commit script for these formattings to take effect. He also emphasized that when doing anything on that front, we should be preemptive about making this as minimally-disruptive as possible.


  • Let’s wait until next Tuesday to make any “decisions” since one day of soliciting feedback might not be enough.

Date Library in Gutenberg

(Slack conversation)

@davilera tried to use and encountered an issue, which somebody had already reported. We need some feedback on the proposed PR from those who worked on dates more closely in the past. In the current shape, the library is currently hard to work with, and therefore developers are forced to implement workarounds.

Open Floor

Currently, there is only simple support for block scaffolding in WP-CLI that generates code that runs in the browser without the need for a build step. It’s documented here.

@gziolo ported this script to work with Node.js without the need to have an active installation of WordPress. The plan is to introduce the concept of templates and provide the default support for ESNext, JSX and all modern JavaScript tooling installed out of the box with the single command from CLI:

npm init wordpress-block
npm init wordpress-block
Npm package in action.

Bonus item:

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