JavaScript Chat Summary: November 26, 2019

Below is a summary of the discussion from this week’s JavaScript chat (agendaSlack Transcript). Thanks to @cbravobernal for compiling these notes.

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Open Floor: Types in Gutenberg

@aduth suggested to revisit the topic of improving types in Gutenberg. He mentions some work already done in URL module:

It was discussed to create a master issue with the progress of converting packages to use TypeScript validation based on JSDoc.

@gziolo fixed all ESLint warning related to the integration with the new plugin which combines JSDoc and ESLint, however this probably needs to be further investigated.


  • Create a tracking issue for module adoption of type checking
  • Push forward on effort to improve docgen ability to understand more of the TypeScript-specific syntax
  • Do some more conversions as demonstration

Open Floor: E2E Tests and Travis

Pushing a PR has been a bit of a chore recently with flakey tests, usually requiring a restart of a couple each time

For stability, it requires some diligence to investigate the underlying issues. Some improvements have been merged / proposed here:

@aduth have a few of these ideas in the Project Management Automation project board as well

There was talk about documenting some of the common issues seen with E2E tests. Also to add a bot response with comments about the reasons of failing tests.

A CPU problem is mentioned:


  • @noisysocks could look into some of this and write up findings/suggestions in an issue, not sure when though.

#core-js, #javascript