Announcing the new #core-css Slack channel

As a result of discussion in the last core dev chat we now have a brand new Slack channel dedicated to all things CSS!

Why do we need it/what is it for?

As a place to discuss CSS architecture and tooling, propose and maintain standards, ask questions and educate on best practices.

We have a ton of CSS in Core, and some of it is really old. Not that being old is in itself a bad thing 😁 but we might not need to support IE6 anymore, so some of those styles could use a bit of an upgrade. Having a dedicated CSS channel will help drive and focus efforts to improve our codebase for the benefit of all users and contributors.

In addition to that, we have a whole heap of CSS in Gutenberg, which, although more modern, needs care and maintenance too. 

There’s also something I perceive as a visibility issue. For instance, there’s a bit of a discussion going on in the GitHub repo around whether we should adopt CSS-in-JS tooling. It came up a few weeks ago in #core-js, and although to some extent it makes sense to discuss JS-based approaches in the JS channel, there’s a lot more at stake here than just the JS side of it. Not all contributors to the CSS parts of the codebase are JS devs, and not all of them are in the JS channel. It might be good to pull issues like that one into a CSS forum so we can get more diversity of input and opinions on them. 

Last but not least, CSS is transversal to Core and Gutenberg, and I hope a shared channel will help keep that wider scope in mind when we think of the changes we need to make on either side ❤️

Come and be part of the discussion in #core-css!