Dev Chat Summary, October 16, 2019

@francina led off a well-attended dev chat – 29 active participants! – with the standard introduction and remarked that we were in Week Nine of the release cycle.

Announcements and Highlighted Posts

She issued a call for announcements and highlighted posts, then announced that WordPress 5.3 Release Candidate 1 had landed the day before, on October 16.

@azaozz and @sergey were our packagers; @francina and @desrosj led the process.

Dev Notes

@johnbillion called the group’s attention to a crop of new dev notes as a way to keep up with changes in 5.3 for devs; @justinahinon linked to the 5.3-specific ones here.

@jeffpaul added that pending one more dev note, the Field Guide will publish shortly.

Accessibility testing in the 5.3 Admin

@francina directed the group to this report from @audrasjb on accessibility testing of the CSS changes coming to 5.3 against the 20 most popular plugins on the repository.

@francina thanked @jeffpaul for the Field Guide and @ipstenu for plugin support.

Upcoming Releases


@francina‘s call for updates prompted mostly murmurings that everything’s progressing on schedule. @azaozz pointed out there were only a couple of new tickets after RC1, and @desrosj had three to call out for reviews from other committers: #48022, #48312, #47699.

(Remember that after RC1, every commit needs signoff from two committers, not one, until launch.)

Discussion of a related ticket, #48331, followed.

Calls from Component Maintainers

@francina opened the calls from component maintainers.

@jeffpaul: Not a component maintainer update, but worth noting that during the RC1 packaging process (I believe) we confirmed that trunk would be opened back up after RC2.  That may be worth confirming here and noting in the devchat summary post which you’re reading now)

@sergey and your faithful but tardy reporter confirmed that we’ll start milestoning for 5.4 at that point, and @desrosj pointed the group to the RC1 discussion here.

The final announcement from @davidbaumwald was this:

@committers Committing to Core is now open again.  Reminder, now that we’re in RC, the dev-feedback and dev-reviewed workflow is required prior to committing, where each commit must get double-signoff.

@desrosj pointed out that 5.4 already has 94 tickets. He encouraged the group and observers (and you, dear reader!) to address these 94 tickets first or punt them if they’re unrealistic.

Open Floor

@francina had two items.


RC2 is tomorrow, October 22. @francina asked the group for a team and a timeline; discussion followed about some last-minute changes that we won’t be making tomorrow.

Workflow for the About Page

@francina also opened the floor to a discussion about whether or not the About Page can get locked down 24 hours before a release. For the most part, the group agreed that much of the page can, but there will always be a few last-minute fixes — especially for majors.

See you tomorrow for the launch of RC2!

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