Javascript Chat Summary – October 15, 2019

Below is a summary of the discussion from this week’s JavaScript chat (agenda, Slack Transcript). Major props to @cbravobernal for wrangling it.

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Storybook is a UI component explorer for frontend developers and designers.

@gziolo created a new label Storybook on GitHub to make it easier to discover related issues and PRs in Gutenberg.

In the meantime, contributors @mkaz and @itsjonq added the first stories with examples of UI components available at–page.

Adding @wordpress/components in Storybook is a straightforward way to start, as they are already some existing examples. Many people also voiced many advantages of using Storybook, emphasizing the easy way to explore which components Gutenberg provides.

The team also talked about benefits for having the master issue overview of the effort and a way to track progress.

@gziolo raised the issue of using Netlify for the playground and Storybook previews in PRs. Netlifly offers a special free plan for OSS projects but they require a link to be included on the project page which is something which might not work in the case of WordPress.

Action items:

  • create the master issue with the next steps for Storybook (@gziolo)
  • create individual issues with improvements to the Storybook setup (owner required)
  • discuss live preview for PRs and explore various options (owner required, with @nerrad ready to pick it up at a later time)

Monorepo – Mobile Gutenberg

The next topic was moving the Mobile Gutenberg codebase into the Gutenberg monorepo. @hypest opened the original issue nearly a year ago!

There is a draft PR which moves most of the code from wordpress-mobile/gutenberg-mobile respository to npm packages in WordPress/gutenberg repository.

@hypest requested help from someone with good web knowledge in order to check if that PR is going to cause any issues.

Action item: 

@gziolo will check this PR and help to merge once WordPress trunk is frozen during the process of the 5.3 release.

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