What’s new in Gutenberg? (16 October)

Work on stability and performance continues, and these bug-fixes have now been included in WordPress 5.3 RC 1.

In addition, this release starts the work on gradient backgrounds. First, the support is added to the Button block. Improvements to the gradients palette API and support in more blocks will be worked on for future releases.


For Developers, this release also introduces a Storybook.

Accessible on this link for the master version, but also available on each Pull Request (https://deploy-preview-{PR_number}--gutenberg-playground.netlify.com/design-system/components/). Storybook is an isolated environment where the reusable WordPress UI components (@wordpress/components) are developed, tested and showcased.

Down the road, the netlify integration and the exact URLs can be adapted. This tool is meant to be directly integrated into WordPress Developer Docs.



Bug Fixes






Performance Benchmark

The following benchmark compares performance for a particularly sizeable post (~ 36000 words, ~ 1000 blocks) over the last releases. Such a large post isn’t representative of the average editing experience but is adequate for spotting variations in performance.

Version Loading Time KeyPress event (typing)
Gutenberg 6.7.0 5.52s 51.98ms
Gutenberg 6.6.0 5.57s 51.47ms
WordPress 5.2 6.53s 61.13ms

👏 Kudos to all the contributors. Thank you.

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