WP Notify Meeting Recap – October 7 , 2019

This is a recap of a meeting held October 7 for a Core project related to WordPress Admin Notifications. Meetings on this task are held every Monday at 14:00 UTC and 22:00 UTC respectively.

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Google Doc: WP Notify Project Requirements Document

Notes Per Agenda

Proposal to continue merging recap and agenda into one post

@hrmervin: Volunteered to prepare the weekly recap following Eastern US time meeting

We have an open `call for scribes` if anyone is interested in volunteering alongside Mervin to take notes and/or prepare a recap.

Update on requirements gathering document

@hrmervin: Created a visual representation of the present hook workflow. As we continue to write the details of this project, we will create diagrams to illustrate A) The feature’s (feature plugin) hooks, B) the Data being managed and how it will flow, and C) the user(s) views and endpoints (how the notifications will be consumed)

  • We discussed adding names for our target users.
    • Site Admins (non-technical)
    • Site Admins (Technical)
    • Product Authors (Plugin and Theme authors)

Discussion on overlap of TRT Admin Notices package

@aristath: Spoke on an admin notice package developed to help theme authors manage notices.

“The WPTRT package is a simple wrapper for the core functions to make it easier for theme-devs to add admin-notices in a consistent manner, avoiding all the issues we’ve had in the past with theme-reviews. It’s pretty simple if you look at its code, simply sanitizing/escaping, and handling the notices dismissing.”

  • We may incorporate aspects of this package into the front-end parts of our end solution.

Open floor

  • One recommendation for future technical implementation was made by @ediamin “fetch the notifications with REST API and show them with Gutenberg Notice and/or Snackbar components”

Next Steps

We welcome feedback on the project either here in this post, or in the requirements (via Google Doc, comments). 

We invite you to attend our next meeting, held in Slack > #feature-notifications

  • Monday, October 14 2019 at 14:00 UTC 
  • Monday, October 14 2019 at 22:00 UTC