Twenty Twenty update

As beta 2 comes into focus, it’s time to give a little update on what has been happening in the frenetic creation of a new default theme.

First, a huge thank you to everyone that has been involved so far.Every single person has gone above and beyond to get the theme in the best possible shape.

Find the theme

Development of Twenty Twenty is happening on GitHub. The theme is of course included in every beta release of WordPress 5.3, but if you want to make sure that you’re running the latest version of the theme, you’ll find it on the GitHub repo. You can download a zip file with the latest version of the theme here.

The story so far

Twenty Twenty was revealed on the Make WordPress blog on September 6, and development has progressed rapidly since then. In less than a month, the community has created more than 300 issues and almost as many pull requests. Over 40 people have contributed code to the project, and many more have taken part in discussions on GitHub, the WordPress Slack channels (including but not limited to the core-themes channel), and in the comment forms on Make WordPress and elsewhere.

All of you have shaped Twenty Twenty into the theme it is now. Me, @ianbelanger and @poena (as well as @williampatton, who has been instrumental the past month) are counting on your help in bringing it across the finish line.

Focus now

The following are things the team are focusing on right now and need help with:

  • Template distilling: we’re exploring whether we can replace the current “Cover Template” page template with a block-only solution.
  • A demo site is being created in order to make it easier for more people to test the theme.
  • The work on non-latin fonts support is progressing nicely. That effort is spearheaded by @nielslange, and the plan is to have it merged before beta 3. When it’s merged, we’ll need lots of help with making sure the theme works great in non-latin languages.

Testing needed

As we get closer to release, we’ll need all the help we can get with testing the theme in different browsers, on different devices, and in different languages. Make sure you try out the color settings in the Customizer, which automatically adapt all colors in the theme to maintain a high color contrast. It will be a killer feature in Twenty Twenty, and all credit for it goes to @aristath.

If you discover a bug in the theme, or just something that has room for improvement, please create an issue on the Twenty Twenty GitHub repository.