Dev Chat summary: September 25

As our Release Coordinator @francina was not available yesterday, @mapk led this chat. Thanks to all the attendees.

Announcements and highlighted posts

First announcement was Beta 1 of WordPress 5.3 that went out earlier this week. Every one is invited to help test it and report bugs and unexpected behaviors. The Beta includes the first iteration of Twenty Twenty, the new default theme which development is ongoing on GitHub.

Here are some highlighted posts shared by @mapk:

@antpb also shared the Media component weekly report.

Upcoming Release Discussions

@mapk said Gutenberg team started a project board in the editor Github for the issues and pull requests that they’re hoping to get in or at least backport into 5.3.

Twenty Twenty lead @ianbelanger said the team is particularly looking for help on this issue.

@audrasjb made a post-Beta1 Accessibility update focus. 6 important tickets for the focus where committed just before the release. They are still 33 open tickets in the milestone. Everyone is invited to help tackle them and join the focus weekly bug scrub every Friday at 2 PM GMT+3.

@davidbaumwald remembered that there are dedicated bug scrubs for 5.3 with the schedule here which Beta 2 is scheduled for next Monday.

@desrosj noted that 5.3 Release Candidate 1 is scheduled for October 15, and that the list of remaining tickets in the milestone needs to be empty by this date.

Calls from component maintainers

@audrasjb pointed out the 15 ready to be committed tickets in 5.3 milestone and asked for available committers attention on them.

Open Floor was quiet yesterday. And the chat ended up under one hour at 9:40 PM.

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