Summary of Core Privacy Office Hours, Sept. 25th 2019

Below is a summary of the discussion from this week’s Core Privacy chat (agenda, Slack Transcript).

Agenda Item: 5.3 Bugs

The following tickets were flagged as bugs for 5.3 privacy component and focus;

  • #37782 – Duplicate Page Entry in View All Pages when generating a Menu
  • #43974 – Both personal data request processes should follow the same convention
  • #44038 – Change personal data export path stored in request meta to relative paths
  • #44314user_confirmed_action_email_content filter run on two different strings
  • #44669 – Privacy Notification doesn’t clear after dismissing notification_wp_privacy_send_erasure_fulfillment_notification.
  • #46829 – Denote the special pages in Customizer Menu editor
  • #47366 – Privacy Policy page dropdown needs a max-width

#37782 is ready to commit if any committers can provide a final review.

Agenda Item: Privacy Data Request Form

Feature Plugin Proposal –

We (@audrasjb & @garrett-eclipse) will be joining a future #meta chat to propose adding the plugin to the Feature plugins list.

Agenda Item: Consent and Logging Mechanism for User Privacy

Feature Plugin Discussion –

@idea15 mentioned there was some great comments on the thread many of which support the idea and proposal.

Next steps were discussed and @williampatton offered to review and start on the momentum for the work required.

@idea15 mentioned it would be nice to have the work ready to roll at least 60 days before the CCPA deadline believed to be on July 1st.

Agenda Item: WP User/Pro Survey

@idea15 flagged some earlier discussions on the survey with several questions put forth regarding user needs for privacy;

We also touched on that in the consent and logging proposal 

The consensus was that like other teams, we need data on what users and contributors actually need from us – what their concerns are, what their business needs are, what resources they expect from us, what tools they need us to build.

In this week’s post on the survey (above), which links to the full set of questions

There are no questions about user needs there, for us or for any other team.

It feels like all the feedback about what should go on the survey was ignored.

So, this is worrisome that the once-a-year opportunity to gain critical information to support our work is at risk of being lost.

So, let’s all take a day or two to review both posts and the draft script, with a goal to feedback with a team comment on Friday.

@idea15 started a gDoc ( in order to collaborate on some suggested questions for privacy.

#core-privacy, #privacy