Core Widgets: new aria-current attribute in WordPress 5.3

When a page is created and users view it, its name appears in several widgets, however there is no visual or semantic indication that this link relates to the current page.

Since it’s possible for authors to create multiple posts or taxonomy terms with the same name, the lack of indication may cause confusion for users with cognitive disabilities and screen reader users.

Whenever the current page is reflected in a menu on that page, the applicable link should have aria-current="page" attribute to add an indication for users. It is also recommended to use this attribute to add a distinctive visual style to separate the applicable link from other links.

For reference, see the relevant standards in Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.0:

Concerned core widgets:

  • Recent Posts
  • Navigation Menu
  • Pages
  • Category
  • Archives

WordPress 5.3 will programmatically add aria-current="page" attributes to those widgets. For reference, see #47094.

Theme authors are encouraged to add a distinctive visual style to those links, using the following CSS declaration:

a[aria-current] {
    /* Your CSS styles for current link */

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