Dev Chat summary: September 18

@francina was the chat leader. Archives for the chat can be found in #core on Slack.


@francina shared a devnote by Accessibility team. We also had an update from @audrasjb from Accessibility team who said they are working on creating accessibility devnotes for 5.3.

Upcoming Release Discussions

@ianbelanger gave an update of the work on default theme Twenty Twenty. A working version of the theme will be available on Monday for Beta 1 of WordPress 5.3. The development of the theme is happening on GitHub and contributions are more than welcome on the repository or in #core-theme channel on Slack.

@audrasjb make an update for Accessibility focus for 5.3. He remembered that they have 2 dedicated scrubs per week and that the team is currently coordinating with the Design team to determine which changes will be included in 5.3.

@jorbin gave an update for PHP 7.4 in WordPress. All the changes for the version are already landed in trunk. He also highlighted the great work of @desrosj and @jrf to make this possible. He finally announced the target is to fully support PHP 7.4 with WordPress 5.3.

@desrosj made a call for help for tickets in this report on WordPress Trac. People who own tickets in that report are invited to give them a status and to punt them if they feel that the tickets will not be ready for 5.3 release. Also owners who are not anymore available to continue working on their tickets are invited to remove themselves as owner and leave a status so that another contributors can take the relay.

REST API component maintainer @kadamwhite announce that the team is about to land a good set of enhancements before the Beta 1 deadline. Dev-notes for these changes will be published soon of Make/Core blog.

@garrett-eclipse from Privacy team announced that 4 privacy related enhancements have already been included for the release with no issues.

@antpb made an update for Media component, and remembered that the focus for the the release is around image handling and UI improvement and accessibility issues. Tickets for the focus can be found on WordPress Trac here.

5.3 Marketing Lead @mikerbg announced that the marketing team is working to organize content for the about page and other assorted release announcements. Progress on their work is tracked here.

@davidbaumwald remembered that scrubs schedule for 5.3 can be found here and that @marybaum volunteered to lead the one of October 9. Scrubs take place on #core channel on Slack and anyone interested in welcome to participe or to run scrubs.

Calls from component maintainers

@kadamwhite said 5.3 is probably the best release for REST API improvements in a long while, and that the team is grateful for everybody who has contributed to the component.

Open floor

@ianbelanger said Twenty Twenty team have been discussing the idea of having a demo site for the theme asked if this is something that can be done, and what happened for previous default theme. @kraftbj volunteered to help on this.

@kadamwhite asked for another persons eyes on #42094.

@garrett-eclipse asked help for review from available committers on #37782 before Monday.

@audrasjb pointed out #46312, a candidate for an easy commit action.

@hareesh-pillai asked for movements on as it is a blocker on #22994.

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