Dev chat summary: September 11


@Francina asked the group for announcements, and @jbaudras highlighted this Make/Design post:
There are 3 tickets waiting for final decision in order to land in WP 5.3

Then she added two more:

Make WordPress Core
Introducing Twenty Twenty
The Block Editor will soon celebrate its first birthday in Core and with every update it grows more capable. The promise of the block editor is to give users the freedom to design and structure the…

Make WordPress Core
Defining Content–Block Areas
One of the major projects from this year’s focuses is to expand the block editor beyond the content area and into other parts of the site. This included, so far, explorations to bring blocks into o…
Sep 5th

Media component maintainer Anthony Burchell told the group he’s been sharing that link around and getting great feedback.
@francina praised the video in the post. She added, “Personally I’m looking forward to seeing all the possibilities that blocks are giving us!”
After @afercia mentioned some accessibility feedback, @francina moved the discussion forward, inviting everyone (you too, dear reader!) to leave comments on the relevant posts.

Upcoming releases: 5.3

Bugscrubs: @davidb opened with this news: we still had 314 tickets milestoned for 5.3.

The discussion that followed surfaced a general preference to focus on enhancements and features between now and Beta 1, when features freeze, and on bug fixes between Beta 1 and release.

As of devchat, 120 features and enhancements are milestoned for 5.3 on Trac.

@davidb and the focus leads will do a bit of promoting to get more folks to come to bugscrubs.
(Ed. note: Beta 1 should land September 23; final release is slated for November 12.

Default theme focus lead @ianbelanger reported in on the next default theme, Twenty Twenty. has a weekly meeting, on Mondays at 19:00 UTC, and has opened its Github repo to contributors.

Marketing has nominated @miker as its focus lead for the release. It’s started meeting on Fridays at 16:00 in the Marketing channel, to work on copy for the About page. @marybaum and @miker asked for input from maintainers on enhancements they think are important.

In Docs, we have one dev note published and two more under review. Lead @justinahinon is going to all the component meetings, to let their teams know the Docs team is around to help with their notes.

Media: @mikeschroder is the 5.3 focus lead.

Next bugscrub is Thursday at 05:00 UTC. Check the rest of the schedule at


@antpb reported in on Media, which is also taking the lead on APAC-friendly meeting times. As he said:

“This devchat does not align with normal hours for him, so I will help with updates here. Discussion about the scope of the 5.3 Media will take place tomorrow at 13:00 UTC (agenda to come soon in the #core-media room). I anticipate the scope to largely focus on a11y and image handling improvements. I know of a few on my plate currently that will also fit in line with the release focus of UI improvements.”

@clorith and @jeffpaul will work to get scrubs posted on WordPress 5.3 Development Cycle – Make WordPress Core.

@pierregordon volunteered to become a maintainer for the External Libraries component.

And there was more discussion on getting people to come to bugscrubs.


As we hit the hour, folks who needed to do other things (like sleep, eat or work) signed off. But the chat was still lively enough that several people stayed on tolerant more about exactly what a component maintainer’s role includes.

@jbaudras referred to this post:

These maintainers are vital to keeping WordPress development running as smoothly as possible. They triage new tickets, look after existing ones, spearhead or mentor tasks, pitch new ideas, curate roadmaps, and provide feedback to other contributors. Longtime maintainers with a deep understanding of particular areas of core are always seeking to mentor others to impart their knowledge.

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Devchat ended at ten minutes past the hour.

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