Core editor chat summary September 11th, 2019

This post summarizes the weekly editor chat meeting agenda here. Held on Wednesday, 11th September 2019 held in Slack. Moderated by @youknowriad.

Weekly Priorities

Gutenberg 6.4 and WordPress 5.3

The upcoming Gutenberg release next week (Monday 16th September) is going to be the last one that is backported completely to Core for 5.3. WordPress 5.3-beta is due on 23 September.

By this time, all the features that are meant to go into WP 5.3 should already be merged, so it is a matter of getting in the last few features. After the beta1, we’ll have more time to polish/fix bugs.
@gziolo is working on the WordPress Core Patch. It needs more testing and approval.
@jorgefilipecosta added some backport of PHP API for block styles registration from Gutenberg.

Task Coordination

@jorgefilipecostaLast week:
Continued the iterations on the Gradient mechanism, proposed a buttons block and submitted some bug fixes and regression fixes.
– Refactored the cover min-height resizing to use a true min-height on the editor (instead of height).
– Helped the core update patch (reviewed and ported the block styles server functions).
Next week I will less available time, I will try to help some PR’s arrive at the finish line, namely the color formats, gradients and continue to help some core tickets.

@gzioloLast week:
– Updated the WordPress Packages to the ones used in the Gutenberg 6.4 release.
– Generated asset file in PHP format with the list dependencies to use with plugins and core.
– Added new Babel macro (or plugin) which handles block.json file transformation with 18n support.
Next week:
Whatever is necessary to have Gutenberg 6.5 ready and integrated with WordPress 5.3.

@youknowriad – Worked a little bit on a reusable blocks refactor which hopefully solves a bunch of related issues.
This week.
– I’ll be totally focused on WordPress 5.3 on the next days/weeks.
– I want to add a small friendly reminder note about the “Dev Notes” for WordPress 5.3.
– If you worked on these PR’s that require Dev Notes, it’s a good time to start writing these. I will write some of these and I’m available to help others too.

@paaljoachim – I have focused on older PR’s asking about status updates and how we could move them onward. This also means there seems to be a few PR’s that are it seems stuck and need some last adjustments, final code reviews and merging.

Open Floor

@yannicki – As already discussed in the previous meeting, a padding option for group block would be a much needed feature for 5.3.
Adds basic dimension controls to Group Block
Add DimensionControl component
@youknowriad Yes, that’s a great feature. Thought at this point, It does seem that it’s probably too late for this to land in a good state.
@paaljoachim Btw @get_dave has been very busy for a while now so that he has not had the opportunity to continue work lately on the padding/margin PR’s.

@afercia – To my understanding RichText is now split in two RichText components.
– “wrapping” RichText and “bare” RichText.
On the other hand, we’re also getting warning for the deprecated wp.editor.RichText which is now wp.blockEditor.RichText
I can’t figure out how to make the custom blocks work and make them compatible with WP 5.1 / 5.0, described here: RichText changes and custom blocks backwards compatibility for WP 5.3
Deprecations warnings are totally fine and we are going to support both ways to use RIchText through wp global.
We should provide a backword compatible support for removed props if they were removed. – See the Slack discussion for more information.

Would working with floats become easier, when this PR is merged?
Fix: Clear floats on specific successive blocks that use alignment tool
I feel “floats” are intrinsically complex and it will always be the case. I’d love if we could actually remove them entirely. It’s not going to happen, don’t worry, but things like columns, grids… make floats less necessary.
UI consistency in regards to the heading should be merged and land in core:
Heading block: move alignment controls to toolbar
Yes, this one is a good quick win, I’ll see if we can land it this week. Might need to work with @andraganescu on it.
Some links might be embedded while others are not.
Option to use text link instead of auto embed.
It looks like the solution here is a block transform from embed blocks to paragraphs which is arguably easy to add. If there’s any new contributor that would want something to try, this seems like a good opportunity.
@desaiuditd Volunteered to work on the issue. Here is the PR.

I was hoping for feedback/direction on SlotFill sorting with a priority property if possible.
To be honest, I’m not entirely sold on this because it’s very tied to the implementation of the Slot. (not a fully semantic API). I don’t have a better alternative at the moment. I know @matias have some thoughts about that as well.

Had specific questions for Introduce a filter to override Document label in Document Settings Header. See the Slack discussion for more information.