APAC Triage and Bug Scrub Sessions

Living in APAC timezones can be difficult. From waking up at 3am for meetings, to flying 20+ for WCUS or WCEU (WCAsia is coming to fix that!), to hearing “what’s it like living in the future?” jokes for the millionth time. One thing that shouldn’t be hard is contributing to WordPress, and it’s time to make that even easier, with APAC-friendly triage and bug scrub sessions.

You may have already seen Gutenberg meetings happening every second week for the last few months, but starting Thursday at UTC 0600, we’ll alternate each week between working on WordPress Core, and Gutenberg! This week, join in the fun in the #core Slack channel for a WordPress Core bug scrub. Next week, the party will be in the #core-editor Slack channel, for a Gutenberg bug scrub. 🎉

The meeting lead will pick a report to work through, but if there are particular issues you’d like to get more eyes on, or you have a patch/PR that you’d like reviewed, this is the place to bring it up!

#apac, #bug-scrub, #core, #core-editor, #gutenberg, #triage