Editor Chat Summary

This post summarizes the weekly editor chat meeting on August 21, 2019 at 1300 UTC held in the core-editor Slack channel.

The agenda can be found here.

Note: If you’re reading this summary async, please drop a comment if you can/want to help with something!

Priorities for the week

Slack transcript.


Being worked on / Needs more work:

Task Coordination

Slack transcript.

@youknowriad Refresh to reusable blocks that closes multiple issues, triagged issues and reviewed PRs.

@karmatosed Triagged, mainly issues/PRs that need design feedback.

@kjellr Improvements to the inserter help panel (1, 2), changes to NUX tips, and tidying up animations (1, 2).

@jorgefilipecosta Explored mobile viewport in the editor (1, 2). To work on text color formatting, gradient backgrounds, cover block resizing.

@mapk Looking into improving the sibling block inserter, helping on widgets work and @retrofox on a UI solution for screen height PR.

Components package reorganization and bundle sizes

Agenda | Slack Transcript | Issue

The issue created by @nerrad sparked a conversation on how to control bundle size and offer options to bundle “what you need”:

  • The `wp_enqueue_script` model encourages people to use the whole bundle for a package, not the specific pieces you want.
  • There are concerns over creating too many packages that make discoverability difficult.
  • Overrall, this ties into how to make WordPress play nicely with dynamically loading dependencies as you need them (the SPA model).

To be discussed more in the issue and/or in future core-js chats.

e2e test and block deprecations

Agenda | Slack Transcript | Issue

  • @isabel_brison raised the issue that e2e tests fail due to block deprecations triggering a `console.warning`.
  • The restriction have been very valuable when it came to deprecate APIs, as to make sure core wasn no longer using them. It is not that useful in other contexts.
  • There is a draft PR to address the deprecation issue.

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