5.2.3 Release Planning

You may have noticed discussions in devchat the last month or so* around timeframes for 5.3 later this year as well as working to release a 5.2.3 sooner than that due to resolved defects waiting to be released. This proposal provides an opportunity for us to release 5.2.3 in the nearer term while others begin to shift their focus to 5.3. Read on to see the proposed focus and timeline for 5.2.3!

Proposed focus

Along with the items already milestoned for 5.2.3, we can look into including items related to the PHP version bump coming in 5.3, backporting some block editor features, as well as improving accessibility and RTL issues. Issues noted below are linked to Trac and include their summary and related keywords for quick review.

The following relate to the PHP version bump:

  • #47160: Backport blocking of plugin updates if required PHP version is not supported [defect] [2nd-opinion] [needs-patch]
  • #47699: Remove redundant JSON polyfills for PHP native functionality [enhancement] [has-patch] [has-unit-tests] [needs-dev-note]
  • #47797: Provide compatible core update for users not on PHP >= 5.6 [enhancement] [has-patch] [needs-testing]

The following, along with any backported Gutenberg items, relate to improvements in the block editor:

  • #45739: Block Editor: $editor_styles bug. [closed] [defect]
  • #45935: A URL in do_block_editor_incompatible_meta_box function does not have classic-editor__forget parameter [closed] [defect]
  • #47079: Incorrect version for excerpt_allowed_blocks filter [closed] [defect]
  • #47216: Block Editor crashes on custom post types without title support [closed] [defect]
  • #47489: Emoji are substituted in preformatted blocks [closed] [defect]

The following relate to improvements across the accessibility and RTL focuses:

  • #30506: RTL: Hours and minutes fields order reversed in post editing [closed] [defect]
  • #46757: Media Trash: The Bulk Media options when in the Trash shouldn’t provide two primary buttons [closed] [defect]
  • #46758: Media Trash: Primary button(s) should be on the left [closed] [defect]
  • #46899: Ensure that tables generated by the Settings API have no semantics [closed] [defect]
  • #46978: Remove title attributes from the Meta widget [closed] [defect]
  • #47113: Media views: dismiss notice button is invisible [closed] [defect]
  • #47122: Media views: fix unlabelled controls [closed] [defect]
  • #47141: Radio and checkbox labels rely on implicit association [closed] [defect]
  • #47145: Feature Image dialog does not follow the dialog pattern [closed] [defect]
  • #47386: Fix headings hierarchy in the legacy Custom Background and Custom Header pages [closed] [defect]
  • #47390: Improve accessibility of forms elements within some “form-table” forms [closed] [defect]
  • #47458: Fix tab sequence order in the Media attachment browser [closed] [defect]
  • #47502: Media modal bottom toolbar cuts-off content in Internet Explorer 11 [closed] [defect]
  • #47603: My account toggle on admin bar not visible at high zoom levels [closed] [defect]
  • #47688: Color hex code in color picker displayed in RTL instead of LTR on RTL install (take 2) [closed] [defect]
  • #47693: customizer Color picker should get closed when click on color picker area. [closed] [defect]
  • #47758: Font sizes on installation screen are too small [closed] [defect]

While we haven’t historically handled default theme-related changes in a minor release, the following are also potentially viable and related to Block Editor and Accessibility improvements as well:

  • #47190: Twenty Seventeen: Native audio and video embeds have no focus state. [closed] [defect]
  • #47340: Twenty Nineteen: Revise Latest Posts block styles to support post content options. [closed] [defect]
  • #47414: Twenty Seventeen: Button block preview has extra spacing within button [closed] [defect]
  • #47543: Twenty Seventeen: buttons don’t change color on hover and focus [closed] [defect]

Proposed timeline

Proposed timeline for this minor release is as follows:

I recognize that the release is the week of the US Labor Day holiday, but hopefully we can keep roughly to this timeframe so that we don’t drag on too long into September and further disrupt plans on 5.3.

Actions needed

We’ll want to confirm this focus, timeline, and release lead(s) for 5.2.3 in devchat. So please comment on this post or come to devchat prepared to discuss, thanks!

Update on 15 August 2019

Note that from yesterday’s devchat that we’ve agreed to exclude the two “remove” related tickets from the proposed list of items in 5.2.3. I’ve gone ahead and used strikethrough on those in the listing above.

We’re working to capture release lead(s) nominations, so please add those to this post, yesterday’s devchat summary post, or come to next week’s devchat to nominate a lead. You’re welcome to nominate yourself or someone else. We plan to confirm release lead(s) in next week’s devchat and then work to confirm the 5.2.3 timeline.

Update on 27 August 2019

Note that during today’s bugscrub that we decided to skip RC2 as there are no new commits since RC1 and no regressions reported against RC1. We will continue with the remaining timeline and planned release on September 4, 2019 at 17:00 UTC.

* see: June 26th, July 3rd, July 10th, July 17th, July 31st, and August 7th.

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