Dev Chat Summary: August 7, 2019

@chanthaboune led a lively discussion that touched on a variety of things that affect the substance and timing of version 5.3.

@marybaum took notes.


@chanthaboune started off by thanking all the posters who commented on the Backporting Security Fixes post.

Then she pointed the group to a little light reading: a new proposal on how we auto-update old versions.

@chanthaboune‘s third announcement: after much discussion on the implementation of Minimum PHP Versions, a consensus has emerged, so here’s the plan:

Anyone running PHP 5.1.1 through 5.6 will see a warning that they’re on an outdated version and a recommendation to update.

For now, it’ll be just a recommendation and not a forced upgrade, according to maintainers @clorith and @miss_jwo.

Next Major: 5.3


It’s time to weigh in on the target dates. The place to do it is here:

@chanthaboune said final decisions will happen this week on that post.

Default Theme:

Yes, there will be a Twenty Twenty default theme, and it will be in 5.3! The group discussed choosing a theme that’s already doing cool stuff with all the new WP features—and limiting changes to what’s required in a default theme.

@mapk will champion that effort.


@chanthaboune opened the floor to 5.3 questions, and here’s what came up.

@miss_jwo asked how component maintainers can get committers’ eyes on code ahead of time, and @karmatosed suggested triage sessions. With confirmation from @sergeybiryukov, @chanthaboune said there’s a workflow tag for early review.

Josepha also commented that she thinks having a dedicated coordinator for each of the last several releases has worked very well.

@joemcgill suggested naming specialty leads for the release above and beyond the editor and Core leads—for example, a design lead for things like the About page and marketing materials, at a minimum.

@desrosj then commented on the fact that the last two releases have had a designated person coordinating and publishing dev notes. He noted that meant the notes got published sooner than usual, and @marybaum couldn’t resist saying that the sooner they get written, the sooner they get edited for conversation and clarity. Or, as we’re calling it in Core, folksing up the copy, notes and strings. 😜

Ben Matthews asked when we’ll know what the feature-improvement details are, and Angelika Reisiger had a similar question about the scope of 5.3.

@chanthaboune answered that in the past, the docs maintainers aimed for the first beta, with an absolute deadline of the first RC.

@presskopp asked about news from the Triage Team, and whether there will be patches coming in for 5.3. That question led to a round of praise for regular triages and kudos for Design, Gutenberg and WordCamp Meta for using triages extensively.

Here’s a point @desrosj made:

It’s also important to note that while committing may occur as a result of triaging when tickets are just ready, the goal of the triage team is not to commit changes. The goal is to make tickets actionable. That could mean different things for tickets (committing, closing, or unblocking). There are many committers that are not actively trying to triage many tickets.


A final question asked about the status of XML sitemaps in Core. @chanthaboune said she’d been told the feature isn’t likely for 5.3.

Next Minor: 5.2.3

@chanthaboune said she thinks the current 5.3 schedule leaves room for a minor or two if we need it for important fixes. She added that @jeffpaul has started pulling things together for a 5.2.3. He wasn’t in the chat, so look for updates here in this very blog on that subject!

Calls from Component Maintainers

@garrett-eclipse announced a new discussion around consent and logging for user privacy. For info and to weigh in or contribute, here’s the post.

@chanthaboune brought a component need to the group: apparently user docs for the block editor need a champion. @marybaum and @paaljoachim showed interest in helping.

Open Floor

@chanthaboune asked for eyes on ticket #18857, and with that, the devchat hit the one-hour mark.

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