Javascript Chat Summary: July 30, 2019

Below is a of the discussion from this week’s JavaScript chat (agenda, Slack Transcript)

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Slack Conversation

@gziolo substitutes @aduth as the chat’s co-host in the next 3 months while he enjoys well deserved time off. It was a good opportunity to refresh the group of Note Takers. Kudos to @cbravobernal for volunteering to help with summary posts like this one. For those who still would like to get involved let us know. Here is the document which explains in-depth what does it entail.

Type Definitions

Slack Conversation

First, there is some exciting news to share for those who use TypeScript in their workflows. The last of the DefinitelyTyped submissions for package type definitions has been merged. Great work @dsifford on the related PR.

We also discussed possible next steps in terms of improving the auto-generated documentation. There was a general agreement that we should seek ways to improve the current approach with JSDoc comments before we jump into deep integration with TypeScript.

Action items

  • Replace the existing JSDoc ESLint rules with eslint-plugin-jsdoc (GitHub issue).
  • Improve existing JSDoc comments as we enable TypeScript checking gradually for all packages. This task should be coordinated with the tracking issue on GitHub.

#core-js, #javascript