Site Health Chat Summary: July 8th

PHP Version – soft bump

Note: The soft bump is the term referring to the PHP upgrade notice widget shown in the dashboard, and not the minimum requirement to use WordPress.

The discussion on what version to start recommending users upgrade to is going on in the comments at, but we also covered them a bit during the Hosting meeting this week.

Currently it seems the best approach would be to recommend updating to PHP 7.1 (skipping 7.0 as it’s technically not maintained any more), but we’ll leave the conversation going out the week, then make a decision on this next week. After a version has been decided on we make it known via posts to the make blogs what the intentions are, and what versions we are aiming for, and then make thew bump. This should allow hosts and developers some time to prepare for the potential support requests.

Ticket review

We covered a couple of tickets as well that were brought up by participants.

#47651 – This has been flagged for design feedback, as it needs a UI/UX perspective to help with direction and user flow.

#47644 – This has a patch, but after some discussion it will need a refresh to help with making it a bit more friendly towards the average user.

#47321 – This had some initial discussions in the channel after the meeting, but during the meeting it was covered that it needs some copy-editing. The ticket will have the outcome of the copy-discussion added once a final decision has been made.

#46925 – The ticket is ready, but was unfortunately not reviewed yet. It will get reviewed this week, and we will hopefully be more on top of tickets now that they’re more easily categorized.

Read the meeting transcript in the Slack archives. (A Slack account is required)