Dev Chat Summary: July 10

In @chanthaboune‘s scheduled absence, @ianbelanger served as the facilitator for the chat.


@joyously called attention to the recent Make post for feedback regarding the upcoming User & Developer Survey.

Upcoming Releases

Minor Release (5.2.3)

Currently, there are only three tickets milestoned for a potential minor before 5.3.

@audrasjb encouraged a quick decision regarding a 5.2.3 release given the current list of tickets deal with regressions. @desrosj suggested that some block editor features could be backported for a point release.

Major Release (5.3)

Final features and focuses have yet to be determined for the next major release, nor has a final schedule been announced.

Open Floor

@francina mentioned ticket #11302.
@ramiy called attention to ticket #35774.

This summary was drafted by @davidbaumwald and proofread by @sergeybiryukov.

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